Importance of USB Type C Cable for Mobile Devices

Importance of USB Type C Cable for Mobile Devices

By Charlie Brown

Many prominent smartphone manufacturing companies like LG, Apple, HTC, Samsung, and Microsoft are making their latest devices compatible to new universal serial bus type C cable. This new connection cable offers you an efficient way to charge your latest mobile phone. Moreover, experts in these companies say this cable has the potential to phase out your favorite headphone jack in the next couple of years. This is the reason why this cable is creating so much excitement within the world of computer technology.

USB type C

You may have heard of the term ‘universal serial bus (USB)’ because every electronic device you use has a USB port. However, what makes the USB type C cable so special? Industry experts say this cable is similar to the previous USB versions that are available in the market. However, instead of using different types of cables to connect multiple gadgets to your smartphone, you can now use a single versatile cable. The connector ends of this cable are also reversible and are compatible with all peripheral devices you use.

The universal serial bus type C supports some protocols by utilizing what experts in this industry refer to as ‘alternate modes.’ This means that it is possible for you to use adapters connect to high-definition multimedia, video graphic array, and display port. This goes a long way in making your life a lot easier because you now have a single cable to connect all your electronic devices. Another advantage that this cable has over other universal serial bus version is fast-charging ability. The best USB type C cable has a nifty tiny connector that can deliver power equivalent to 100 watts to any electronic device at almost 20 volts. Moreover, you can do this while this gadget to transferring data to another device. This not only means that it takes less time to charge your smartphone but also an end to carrying bulky laptop chargers.

Why is the headphone jack becoming obsolete?

Industry experts predict that in the next few years the universal series bus type C cable is going to replace the present headphone jacks. They point out that one of the leading disadvantages of this device is that it is bulky. Most smartphone models that prominent mobile manufacturers are introducing into the market are becoming thinner. This is the reason why the headphone jack in its present form is not compatible with Android mobile phones available in the market. Moreover, the USB type C connection cable can enhance the sound quality of the music you hear on your mobile phone.

Industry experts go on to explain that the USB type C connection cable is a step in the right direction towards faster connectivity. It means that in the future, with this cable it takes less time for your laptop or smartphone to charge. Moreover, it is much thinner and easier to handle than the big headphone jack. However, they say this technology is still in its infancy stage, and you can witness further developments in the USB type C cable in the next few years.

Charlie Brown

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