How to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Bodybuilding Exercise Regimen

How to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Bodybuilding Exercise Regimen

By Charlie Brown

With the rise of lifestyle diseases, the importance of exercises to the body cannot be overemphasised. As the world’s economy burgeons, the rising cases of obesity should worry everyone. Exercising regularly ensures that obesity and other lifestyle diseases are kept at bay.

The desire to lose weight is what drives most people to the gym. Losing weight does not only reduce the risk of getting diseases, it also makes you stay physically fit and able to fit in your favourite suit or dress. Having a good body size also boosts self-esteem. Who likes being addressed as fat everywhere they go?

Well, to keep fit, you need regular aerobics and a bit of weight lifting. This will increase your body’s ability to burn fat and the excess calories. For faster weight loss, you have to check on your diet. Reducing the intake of high calorie foods such as sugar, white rice and soda also help. Your ideal diet should be one full of vegetables, fruits and other high fibre foods.

For some people, losing weight is not everything they want out of the gym. They want to shred all the fat then chisel and sculpt their body to an amazing look they have only seen with celebrities. If this is what you want, you must be ready to handle all it takes. It calls for great patience and unwavering commitment. To get the most out of a bodybuilding workout plan, you need to observe certain practices.

  • Choose a workout routine that works for you; the body sticks to a routine that you subject itto. It is important to have a routine that your body is comfortable with. The routine should incorporate rests periods to help the body regain strength.
  • Make your workouts short; ideally, 45 minutes will be good to help you achieve your desired results. During this time, the testosterone levels are high and help you build the muscle. Afterwards, cortisol levels rise and this hormone reduces muscle mass.
  • Minimise cardio exercises; keep this to once a week sessions of 20-30 minutes. If you do more cardio exercises, the body will utilise nutrients meant for building muscle to cater for the increased cardiovascular activity.
  • Alternate high volume and high intensity workouts;High volume workouts ensures that the muscle increase in size due to hypertrophy. High intensity ensures that the strength of the muscle is maintained and also gives good rest in between high volume workouts.
  • Incorporate anabolic steroids; If you are in a body building competition, regular training might not help you achieve the unnatural levels of your competitors. You will need the best legal steroids UK to help you with the muscle mass that you will not reach under normal conditions. However, this should not substitute effective training and healthy diet.

If you choose to incorporate steroids in your muscle-building plan, strictly insist on legal steroids. Anything contrary to that might compromise your fitness plans. Legal steroids in the UK include Trenbolone, Anadrol, Anavar, Dianabol, Winstrol among others. Most importantly, if you are buying steroids you should do so from a licensed retailer.

Charlie Brown

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