The Wonders of Kakadu National Park

The Wonders of Kakadu National Park

By: Sujain Thomas

Kakadu National Park is located along the Alligator Rivers of the northern territory. The park surrounds the most productive uranium mines. The main natural features include:

  • The West Alligator river
  • The East Alligator river
  • The Wildman River
  • The South Alligator River

    Kakadu National Park

There are also six major landforms which include:

  • Floodplains
  • Lowlands
  • The stone country
  • Estuaries
  • Tidal flats
  • The outliers
  • Basins

There is wildlife which ranges from mammals, birds, plants, insects and reptiles. There are also more than five thousand cultural sites.

The park was established at a time when the Australian community was interested in the declaration of parks so as to conserve life and endangered species. There are many reasons as to why people visit Kakadu National Park. Some of those reasons include:

  1. The climate –The area has two seasons; the wet season and the dry season. During the dry season, the humidity is low and it does not rain much. The high humidity and temperature builds up storms which are fascinating to watch. During the wet season, the temperatures are warm and it rains a lot.
  2. The flora – The flora in the land is among the richest in northern Australia. There are more than a thousand species of plants in the park. The different geographical areas have different flora as well as ancient trees. The floodplains have freshwater mangroves, paper bark trees and pandanus. There are also a various varieties of water lilies filed with different colors.
  3. Fauna – The environment on Kakadu national park is perfect for different species of animals. Some vulnerable and endangered animals are found at the park. Such animals include kangaroos, black wallaroos, whistling ducks, water buffalos, crocodile and the Australian darter.

    Kakadu National Park

  4. Mammals –There are about 74species of mammals in the area. Most of them are found in the forest and the woodlands. They include dugongs, black flying foxes, kangaroos and black wallaroos.
  5. Birds – There are many species of birds both on land and on water.
  6. Reptiles- There are different types of reptile in Kakadu. Since they are cold-blooded, you will only enjoy watching them during the day when the weather is warm. Some of them cannot take the midday heat during the dry season and only come out during the night. There are two species of crocodile at Kakadu; the fresh water crocodile and the salt water crocodile. The salt water crocodile can grow up to 6 meters.
  7. Fish – There are 53 different species of fish that have been seen in Kakadu. Eight of these fish species have a restricted distribution.
  8. Insects – There are over 8,000 species in kakadu. The variety of insects is caused by high temperatures. The termite mounds are very large and are in different colors.

If you are planning on visiting a national park such as the Kakadu National Park, you should make sure that the park’s management is good. You can also check for camp sites and other general facilities.


Sujain Thomas

Sujain Thomas

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