Ways of mixing vintage and modern styles

Ways of mixing vintage and modern styles

By Matt Jambro

Days of matching when it comes to the interior are way behind us leaving space for new and innovative ideas for decor. Interior design magazines are no longer filled with classic matching colours, patterns and lines, on the contrary, a trend of „special accent“ is at its peak.

What does accent mean? In our minds, it means adding special, unique detail to our chic design. It gives a chance to people with love for oriental style, vintage, green or any other to finally add some personality to their space without making it look over the top.  Mixing styles and embracing contrast can make a tremendous change it the way your home look. It gives it texture and cheerfulness that perfect matching lacks.

A vast majority of people wants to know how to incorporate vintage style into their modern homes.  And we have the answers they need!

Pick your main orientation

Before jumping into mixing and playing, make sure to you are heading in the right direction. Although we love liveliness, there has to be a certain balance in your space. Therefore, choose one primary style you want to follow and then enrich it with details. Ask yourself if you want your home to be mainly modern or primarily vintage/ traditional looking.

Why choosing one is crucial? Well, otherwise, what might’ve been cheerful and vibrant space can turn out to be a mess with every piece of furniture fighting for domination.  Once you decide which style you want to follow, get into adding accents.

Blending modern and traditional

There are countless ways of combining modern and vintage styles, and the most crucial secret lies in furniture. Positioning, choosing sizes and colours is also essential but picking the right furniture is a place to start. Although many think it is difficult to mix and match- it is not! Simply play a little and enjoy transforming your home.

Start with something as little as pairing one traditional element with a modern one. For example, if you are not even sure whether or not you want to transform your home, try adding a vintage chair to a modern looking sleek working desk. This combination can seem very attractive, and it will be easier for you to decide if this is what you want.

Once you confirmed vintage pieces are your thing, move to „bigger“ project. Mix and match are all about thinking outside the box and pairing the unimaginable. Try, for instance, moving your bedroom vintage dresser or coffee table to the living room. You can use it as a detail and put it in the corner (smaller vintage coffee table) or make use of it and put art, stereos or TV on it (dresser).

For a more subtle look, paint the vintage furniture you add to the modern space in the colour of the wall. This way the furniture will blend and not stand out as much but still bring dynamic and freshness into space. If you use this trick, another great idea is to add ethnic or oriental rugs which will ensure the room doesn’t end up looking dull or washed out.

The kitchen is efficiently transformed by adding vintage cabinets of vintage wooden chairs. Wood will warm up the cold, marble space and leave it looking compelling.

We are going to wrap this article up with our favourite blend of modern and vintage- the bathroom. There is nothing more compelling and charming than having a big, beautiful vintage bathtub in the middle of the modern bathroom. Adding some green plants into the picture will only make the image even more attractive.


There you have it! Easy ways of blending old with the new- the most significant thing to remember is; play with space, ideas, pattern, texture. Keep the area vibrant and avoid making it dull by using unique, vintage pieces.

Image credits: 1st – brooklyn – Flickr ,| 2nd – Maryann Roy – Flickr ,| 3rd – Engineer Contractor – Flickr

Matt Jambro

Author: Matt Jambro is writer and editor for local HVAC contractor, specialized in home improvement, smart tech, and architecture. https://www.tristarsavannah.com/blog/

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