By Peter Thomson,

Unlike flying, which is usually very tiring and stressful, a road trip is a journey that is also as much, if not more entertaining and enjoyable than the destination you are headed to. If you want to make your road trip more enjoyable than ever this winter, then here are some fun things to do, that will give you the perfect winter road trip experience.

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  • Choose a classic route

Like a road trip, its preparation can also be loads of fun if done the proper way. Of course, the first and most important thing to have an enjoyable road trip is to have an iconic and classic route. You should choose a route that passes through as many tourist destinations as possible. Every country has some amazing routes, but if you are planning an American road trip, then the Pacific coast, the Oregon Trail or the border to border road trip may be the best option.


  • Stop at multiple locations

If you want to gain the full road trip experience, then numerous stops have to be made. Don’t be in a hurry and take your time. Try to stop and fully experience the beauty of the road once in a while. Also, stop at multiple tourist destinations along the way and don’t forget to experience the local food specialties.


  • Bury the boredom

We all know that long stretches of road and constant traveling can get boring sometimes. There are many activities that can be done in the car to avoid such a state. Many car games like license plate bingo can be played of you can listen to some music.  If you’re feeling like it, you can have deep emotional conversations with your friends and family members


  • Ice sports

If you’re passing through an area with snow, then you absolutely have to stop for some fun ice activities this winter. You can go for skiing or ice skating or if not that you can always have a classic snow fight with your friends and family. Especially for people who live in warmer areas, snow is not something you experience every year, so make the most of it this winter and enjoy the best winter has to offer. And of course, do not forget to take a lot of photos of the beautiful winter land


  • Build a campfire

There is no reason to drive through the night. Everyone except the driver will want to sleep, and the driver will feel sleepy as well, so instead of fighting through the drowsiness stop, find a beautiful location, make a camp and build a campfire. Snuggle in your blankets and enjoy the winter sky and stars. Tell each other stories and we all know that at these sorts of bonfires there is always a person with a classical guitar or an amazing ukulele, so enjoy their music and relax for a while. This will definitely be more fun and safe than driving half asleep


  • Make memories

The best part of any road trip is the memories you make, so take a lot of photos and collect souvenirs from every location where you stop. This will make sure that the memories you have made with your loved ones will stay with you forever. And for those people who are more in touch with their wild side, the photos and souvenirs will also provide proof for the crazy stuff you did.

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