Best Packing Solutions For Your Next Trip Out of the Country

Best Packing Solutions For Your Next Trip Out of the Country

By Lindsey Patterson

You picked your destination, you bought your plane ticket, you booked your hotel room, and now it’s time to pack. You’re excited to finally be going on this trip, but you’re also nervous that you may forget to pack important items or you may not even know where to begin when it comes to packing your bags. If you’re looking for international traveling packing tips, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks)

Let’s face it. Airport food is really expensive. Whenever you’re inside of an airport or on a plane, you’re a captive audience. The restaurants or airline can overcharge you for simple snacks that leave you feeling broke and frustrated. Beat them at their own game by packing your own snacks. While you may be tempted to pack snacks that are full of sugar, opt to instead pack snacks that are full of protein. Jerky, energy bars, and the best whey protein powder you can find will be healthier options. Not only are these very versatile snacks that can be enjoyed anywhere but they’re also very easy to carry around. To make efficient use of the whey protein powder, bring a protein shaker bottle and bottled water so you can make yourself a protein milkshake on-the-go.


  1. Plan and Pack Ahead

If you know ahead of time that you will have to travel internationally, execute a travel plan. Begin by writing out a list of everything that you will need to take with you. A good way to make sure that your list is comprehensive is to think through all of the items you use on a daily basis and add those to your list. Once your list is written, begin packing items in small batches. Do this for the weeks leading up to your trip. Before you know it, the night before your trip will arrive and you’ll already be mostly packed and less likely to have forgotten an important item.


  1. Pack For The Weather

It’s going to be a miserable vacation if you packed for one type of weather only to land and find the weather is completely different. The best way to prevent this type of mishap is to check the internet for the local weather report for your destination city. Be sure to look at the 2-week forecast as well in case there’s a sudden change in the weather midway through your trip. Once you’ve figured out the weather forecast, pack your clothes and outdoor gear accordingly.


  1. Make a Travel Emergency Kit

Accidents and problems will arise when you least expect them. Try to get ahead of any potential problems you may encounter by creating a travel emergency kit. This kit doesn’t have a set list of items, but a great way to start the kit would be to include needle and thread in case of a clothing emergency, moist wipes, a first aid kit, earplugs, headphones, a sleeping mask, an international plug adapter, aspirin, sunglasses, a poncho, extra contact lenses, or any other item that you may need in a pinch.


  1. Safeguard Your Sleep

Whether you’re staying in a hotel, motel, or hostel, you never know what kind of sleeping conditions you will find yourself with once you check into your accommodations. To ensure that you’ll be able to sleep comfortably on the bed that comes with your room, pack a hypoallergenic pillow cover to place over your hotel room pillow to protect yourself from dust, mites, or any other debris that could be lurking inside of old pillows that many people have used before. You may also want to pack an extra sheet to cover the bed in case the complementary bedsheets are itchy, dirty, or if you just don’t trust them.


  1. Pick Your Shoes Carefully

We love cute shoes, but cute shoes can oftentimes be uncomfortable or impractical. Those cute shoes will not do you any favors if you have to spend several hours standing or walking around your travel destination. Instead, you should pack comfortable, practical shoes that will allow you to enjoy your trip. Choose a set of sneakers that have cushioned insoles, are lightweight, are breathable, and have deep treads for traction during adverse weather or terrain.


Author: Lindsey Patterson
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