Setting up a New Bar in Restaurant and Making it the Best

Setting up a New Bar in Restaurant and Making it the Best

By Jack Louis


Whether it’s a big city or a small town the demand for the best bars and restaurant is always there. If you can serve good food at the right ambience, then surely you will find guests flocking in at your place. In order to increase its appeal, add a bar to your full service restaurant. But if you want to set up a best bar and restaurant in your city then you need to take the license from the authority and then you must hire the best interior designer to decorate your bar and restaurant.

How would you Set up a Bar and Restaurant?

Theoretically, it all seems very simple and easy, but practically you need to follow certain steps before you can start your bar along with the restaurant. The process starts with getting the liquor license and afterward, you need to set up your bar with some exotic drinks and you must include some favorable dishes to accompany with these beverages.

Check out for Liquor License

The first step in starting up your bar is getting the liquor license. You must have decided that whether you will be serving only beer and wine or hard liquor along with beer and wine. To make your best bars and restaurant you have to find out what your guest will mostly want. In this case, you can contact your local municipal authority or the concern department to apply for the license.

Train your Staff

Once you have place the request for liquor license its time that you start training your staff for the different types of liquor that you will be serving. There are different types of liquors and until and unless your staff is trained about the serving methods you cannot make open a best bar and restaurant.

  • You must provide adequate training to your employees of the following matters:  How to discuss with the guests about the different beverages.
  • How the drinks can be paired with the different dishes that they order.
  • The liquors that are on the menu and the one that your place can serve.
  • The different processes of serving different types of liquor.

Locate the Best Place for the Restaurant Bar

Locating the place where you will set up the bar is your next assignment. You will need to ascertain the space that will be required for setting the bar. It will depend upon factor like whether you want a wait station in the bar or not. Plan out the interior by having a look at the different interiors designs that has made other bars and restaurant comfortable for the guests. Most of the time, it is best to avoid the place near the entrance. Setting the bar at the middle of the restaurant is a good idea provides it does not defy the ambience of the restaurant.

Have the Right Equipment for your Bar

To start your bar there are certain supplies that are needed. You must have paper towel dispenser, ice bins, coolers, liquor wells, wine and glass racks and dry storage to stack different items in your bar. it is normal to have a cooler or air conditioning system in your restaurant, but the one that is for bar must be big enough to hold the beer bottles, wine bottles and other beverages. You also need to ensure the safety of your employees and thus the floor should be done properly.

Once everything is ready you can start your bar and enhance the appeal of your restaurant. Take care of the lighting of your place so that it’s comfortable for your guests and they consider it among the best bars and restaurant.

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