Every woman is beautiful. Nature has provided them with unique features. In different areas and culture of world different traditions and techniques are used to enhance beauty. The practice that remains same is applying makeup. However makeup can be used to enhance beauty but the tables can turn down. Maintaining healthy skin is sometimes becomes difficult. The makeup you are daily applying to your face is packed with different chemicals and inappropriate makeup choices can lead you to suffer from different skin breakouts. Makeup allergy is one of those issues. Makeup allergy includes redness, itching, acne and wrinkles. In order to avoid it we have compiled few general tips. That is why we are covering 5 tips to prevent makeup allergy.

Wash Your Face before Going to Bed

First thing first, it has been witnessed that after a tiring day many women go to bed without taking their makeup off. Whole day our skin is exposed to sun, different gasses and pollution that may cause chemical reaction to the makeup we are wearing. This may cause acne or skin allery. Other than this wearing makeup for a specified time is fine but wearing it for longer than that will take away the natural beauty of your skin. Therefore, the simplest and easiest way to avoid skin problem is cleanse your face properly. So, that no makeup remains over night and skin can breathe easily.

Quick tip: One thing more choose a cleanser wisely according to your skin type. If you have dry skin try to go for mild milk based facial wash.

Purchase The Right Makeup:

While purchasing any cosmetic product it is better to purchase a small pack of that cosmetic product instead of purchasing big bottles of the items, it is recommended because whenever you open your cosmetic products, the microorganisms in air might enter into it. So it is better to purchase a small pack of makeup kit and change it in small time frame. This is just a general tip but if you experience makeup allergies frequently. Companies have come up with products that are specially designed for hypersensitive skin. Such products are available in the market with the labeling as non-cosmogenic, hypoallergenic makeups. These products are gentle to the sensitive skin and even a person that does not have allergies can use it to avoid makeup allergy in future. Find more about hypoallergenic makeup on her latest post. Other than this, it is also recommended, especially for customers having sensitive skin to purchase sample products and go for patch test by applying it for at least 24 hours. This practice helps to know if the product is suitable for you or not.

Lookout for Expiry

Well in excitement of purchasing new product many of us usually forget to check the expiry date of the product. Therefore, it is advised to check expiry date of cosmetic products before you purchase them. Whether you are using imported cosmetic, or you have some extra stock of cosmetic, or someone special has gifted you the cosmetic make sure not to use the expired products at any cost because it leads to skin allergy.

Moisturize Your Skin before Makeup

One must wash and moisturize their skin before applying any kind of make up on their face in order to avoid allergic reactions on their face. Washing your face before applying makeup makes sure that there is no dirt or dust on it because if any germ and bacteria are covered under a layer of makeup will definitely cause irritation or redness to the skin. While on the other hand moisturizing your skin before applying makeup close your pores and helps in decreasing the release of excessive sebum that melt your makeup and can also become a reason for acne issues. Moisturizing also avoids dryness and wrinkles one your face. It also prevents from makeup clogged pores resulting in no skin breakouts.

Quick tip: Try to apply serum packed with Vitamin C to make your skin healthy and to lock the moisturisation.

Always Use Your Personal Cosmetic Products

Sharing is caring but sharing your makeup is not. By doing so you are not only losing your valuable makeup but also risking your skin’s health. Have you ever wondered from what your makeup implements go over daily? Your makeup daily goes over different microorganisms present on your skin. Chapped and flaky skin, black or whiteheads, popped zits and chapped lips. Sharing your makeup can transfer germs from your partner to you and vice versa. Therefore, sharing makeup can lead you to risk your skin health. I know you have shared your makeup prior to this but its peak time to understand the importance of not sharing makeup and learn to say no.

I hope that above tips would help you in future to say bye to skin issues caused by makeup.

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Juliet Gray is a beauty blogger who loves trying out new makeup and beauty products. She loves coffee and sushi, and in her free time she likes listening to pop music. Juliet believes in having gratitude for everything in life. Read her latest posts at ThankYourBeauty.com