We don’t need to drone on about the wonders of London, there’s more than enough travel guides that will cover this for us. Instead, today’s post is going to focus on London for the people who actually live there. Sure, it’s regularly viewed as a tourist hotspot, and there’s no doubt that many areas are built exactly to cater to this.

However, let’s not forget that this is a city which has a population of over eight million people. In other words, it’s bustling with locals – and these locals don’t always want to visit the tourist hotspots.

It would be fair to say that in comparison to other cities, the variety in the capital is bordering on the astonishing. It might have all of the big chains that everyone has grown to know, but it’s also got plenty of local establishments which despite their size, are still amassing an international reputation.

Following on from the above, let’s take a look at some of the best regions of London when it comes to being out-and-out quirky.

Covent Garden

If you’re in the market for variety, few would disagree that Covent Garden has absolutely everything to throw at you. It pretty much caters for every cuisine, with British, Peruvian, American, French and more all at your disposal. In the middle of all this are theatres, independent stores, a picturesque setting and a combination of these factors make it that little bit unique in comparison to the typical tourist areas of the capital.


Another local alternative comes in the form of Camden. It would be fair to say that this is much, much different to Covent Garden and tends to be even higher on the quirky-scales. Particularly if you head to the West Yard, you’ll start to question just how this place is regularly named as a favorite for tourists. It’s completely local, but all in a good way. Simply walking around Camden is sufficient to take in a different London.


This is a similar suggestion to Camden and is again away from the typical chains that so many big cities are used to hosting. It could be said that Brixton is even more local than the previous two suggestions and while it does have venues which tourists do seem to regularly target, it also has a lot of “everyday” stores. It just reminds you that normal people do live and work in London, which is all some people want when they venture out to the streets.


Last on the list is Soho, and it could be said that again this differs immensely from some of the other areas we’ve looked at. As night draws in, more sophisticated establishments open here, so it’s ideal if you’re looking for anything ranging from a plush dinner, to evening entertainment.

It’s worth mentioning that Soho has changed immensely from what it was once depicted as. Once upon a time its reputation might have been questionable, but now it’s made the quirky-list for all of the right reasons and is again a fine destination for anyone wishing to see the variety that London offers.