With the development of technology, myths are also developing among people of all ages. Today, datacenter is one of the most important systems for business of all size. But, plenty of myths about data-centers are prevailing. Several misconceptions have fastened roots among people and myths are surrounding rapidly.

We’d like to “highlight” a few of these myths that have been rearing their ugly heads lately.

Myth 1 – Real time monitoring Is Not Important

It’s wrong. Real time monitoring helps you know what is going on currently, it is important for data center’s operations. It can enable you to head off disasters before they happen. It is also important for you to get an insight into shot term and long trends. By analyzing the trend, everything will be obvious.

Myth 2 – With datacenter No longer you need to manage resources

It’s another myth. Datacenter infrastructure gives you clod solution; you will be responsible for your assets, and contacting processes and people. You will need to ensure that staffs have access to specific assets. And that the colocation is meeting and exceeding your service level agreement (SLA).

Myth 3 – The public cloud is less expensive

This cannot be true. Sometimes, you would realize that public cloud is more expensive and you may be paying some hidden costs. To take an example, the cost to implement, convert, and integrate applications can be significant. You can experience some applications to be costly enough to run the public cloud.

Myth 4 – With CMDB, you can control your assets

In reality, CMDBs don’t manage workflow. They cannot processes in either an enterprise or a colocation facility. They cannot become out of sync with what is going on in the datacenter infrastructure and it can affect every system in an organization.

Myth 5 – With virtualization, you don’t need to worry about hardware.

There is no doubt that virtualization improves the operational performance in your business. However, it doesn’t change the efficiency in operation at the physical infrastructure layer. You will still require arranging asset and power management.

Myth 6 – Datacenter infrastructure management reduces power costs only

This is again a misconception. If you apply a good datacenter infrastructure management strategy, it not just reduces the power costs, but lets you enjoy some other benefits. It can help you plan your datacenter infrastructure and employ green architectural norms.  A good DCIM strategy can offer a building architecture which is optimized for security, networking, disaster proofing techniques and more.

Myth 7- Datacenter cannot be optimum for disaster recovery

It’s another myth. Datacenter is designed mainly for disaster recovery. A unified data protection solution is featured to cloud-enables disaster recovery. It is the best way to have complete protection for your critical IT systems without any impact on your IT setup.

Myth 8 – Datacenter infrastructure doesn’t guarantee for 100% uptime

No this is absolutely wrong. You can find datacenter infrastructure that can gives you guarantee of 100% uptime. Their capabilities include carrier-neutral co-location with proximity to all major carriers, on-demand, high performance connectivity, major cable systems and transit points, etc.

Myth 9 – Datacenter does not provide security

If you find a trusted datacenter provider, you will get the highest levels of availability, security, and connectivity for your IT infrastructure. You can leverage your data center and cloud investments and experience reliable and affordable connectivity. There are companies that have POD based architecture data center for 100% uptime.

To conclude, never believe the myths surrounding data center. The more you develop misconceptions about today’s technology, the farther you will be from reaping benefits out of it. You may wish to check out https://www.techcolite.com/3-crucial-things-about-data-centers/

Author Bio – Sandeep Srivastava is a data-driven digital marketer with over 8 years of successful online marketing experience. He enjoys sharing his knowledge in the field Technology, Gadgets, and Digital Marketing. Off duty, he enjoys spending time with his family and indulging in cricket matches.