Studying and education in Canada with its large number of benefits, clearly outweighing the cons, has been influential in changing lives of many immigrants. Statistics indicate that education can be a better pathway to Canadian citizenship as compared to other segments of immigration.

Studying in Canada – Why is It a Great Way to Obtain Citizenship in the Country?

With world-class education system, the Canadian government allows the students certain rights like working there for some period of which provides them an opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship. Here we, along with Maple immigration, have listed the fundamental and essential procedures to apply for students’ visa and subsequent achievement of the citizenship.



  • Hire an immigration consultancy firm: An immigration consultancy firm, through its experience, provides critical information regarding the eligibility and laws regarding immigration.
  • Take TOEFL exam: universities in Canada take admissions based on TOEFL scores of their candidates. TOEFL is the Canadian form of GRE. So, for becoming eligible to apply for the universities, taking TOEFL is a must.
  • Start selecting the colleges and universities which are well-suited to your needs and prerequisites.
  • Apply for the universities: one must keep in mind that immigration and admission to a school are two different aspects. To get a student’s visa, one must be admitted to a university.
  • Get your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) done: It is a Canadian standard for evaluating a candidate’s qualification and education. It is among the most important documents required.
  • Once you get admission to any university, you will be provided a letter of acceptance acknowledging a confirmation for entry.
  • After getting admission, you must then arrange for the required tuition fees. However, this should never be a headache as there are many ways to do it; there are education loans and scholarships.

Apply for permit

  • Once you get your acceptance letter, one may apply for a Canadian study permit. A study permit is such a document which is issued by the (IRCC), and it allows international students to study there. In addition to the letter, one must prove that you have sufficient funds to pay tuition fees and cover the living expenses as well.
  • After following all the steps, you will get the visa and permits to carry out your education smoothly until it ends.

Post-graduation work permit and citizenship

  • After completion of studies, Canada offers post-graduation work permit which is of equal length as that of the duration of education. Thus this allows the employers to employ international students.
  • Once you work for that definite time frame, maintaining a proper conduct, work permits can be further be renewed. After building a good professional career, an individual stands a good chance of gaining Canadian citizenship via naturalization. All you have to do is to apply for permanent residence/citizenship.


Canada, with its fabulous education system and efficient immigration system, provides individuals around the world with opportunities to get its citizenship via its education. This is a win-win game for you.

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Sujain Thomas

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a qualified career counselor. She has helped aspiring students to identify the right career as per their skills and aptitude. She enjoys blogging in her spare time.