There is no shortage of terrific destinations to explore across the world. You could spend a month in New York and London and still have only touched the surface of things to do. There’s no-one that goes on a relaxing beach destination that can’t wait to leave the soft sand and clear waters and return to their everyday life. And then what about nature? For various reasons, this is the option people choose last, but with no good reason, since it’s abundant and there’s nothing on earth that is more inspiring. Below, we take a look at some of the best destinations you can visit if your an outdoors person.

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The United States


Sure, you might think that New York is about Boston or LA or Chicago, or anywhere else, but this is not true: the vast, vast majority of the country is made up of the natural world, and boy is it beautiful. There are few places on earth that can match the splendor of taking a road trip through Colorado, Utah, and into California and Oregon. If you’re a nature lover than also loves getting to know the country, then choose this trip.  


South America


Most people’s image of South America is of the liveliness of its cities, the energy of its people, and the all-singing, all-dancing festivals that routinely bring the continent to live. But step away from the cities, and you’ll find that South America has some of the best scenery found anywhere on earth; and also, some of the most diverse kinds of scenery, too. There are plenty of great South America tours to check out, so take a look and begin discovering the majesty of this gigantic continent. Aside from the rainforests and mountains that await, you’ll also be able to discover the atmosphere that makes South America so famous across the world.




There are few places more obviously intune with their natural surroundings than Scandinavia. In America, nature can be an afterthought following on from the cities; in Scandinavia, and in Sweden and Norway in particular, people live as part of nature. The result is that much of the land’s beauty is uncompromised, which is just as well because it’s truly stunning. Get a car, and take a drive amongst the fjords and forests; you are guaranteed to enjoy what you see.


In Asia


For a taste of something completely different, take a look at visiting Asia. Now, Asia is a big place – and as such, you’ll be able to choose what kind of nature you want to see. Mountains? Check. Beautiful, wonderfully remote white sand beaches? They’ve got them too. Sprawling landscapes that stretch for as far as the eye can see? They’re there, too. In short, travel to anywhere in Asia, and you’ll never be too far from a landscape that inspires the heart and soul. The National Parks of China and Malaysia, in particular, are noted for some of the oldest living areas in the world. Worth checking out!