Planning for the stag do for your best buddy this summer? You know you owe that big boy of yours to give him the most lavish and fun-filled stag weekend of his life before he finally gets hitched. If beaches are your thing, then definitely the best stag party for you is only possible in summers. What is better than basking in the sun lazily on the beach with your best buddies, remembering the best memories you all have had together! You do want to have beach stories to tell your children about the crazy fun you have had on the best stag party.

Let us check out some of the hottest beach stag party destinations in Europe to have one hell of a weekend before your best lad bids farewell to his singlehood.

Ibiza, Spain

If beaches are your final destination, then Ibiza is no less than heaven for you. The Spanish island, with its crystal clear blue water and golden beaches, is the best place to kick off our stag do in style. The city has some of the best-known bars to satisfy your thirst for beer with the best possible music. Your stag weekend will not be considered complete until you set your foot in Linekers bar or Café Mambo. You may choose to indulge in the beach football or volleyball frenzy or lay relaxed in the sun after the night’s hangover, whatever suits you. Worried about the arrangements? Leave it to us and enjoy the party.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the answer to all your party question if a beach stag weekend is on your mind! Barcelona and crazy night outs, beautiful beaches are a synonym for each other. Barcelona was declared as the ‘number 1 beach city in the world’ by National Geographic, and the city never fails to justify that. The wildest of the beach parties, the superb bars available and the beautiful sun-kissed- senoritas are all you can ask for the best stag weekend of your life. And what else, if you can’t decide on the next place to get sloshed, you might as well enter any open-air venues and enjoy the time of your life. Bollocks, Chupitos must be paid a visit at any cost.

Lisbon, Portugal

Your idea of the beach party is not just lying in the sun and enjoying the ‘view’; then you have landed at the right place. Lisbon is nothing short of a mad roller coaster ride with its iconic beaches crazy activities that will give you a massive adrenaline rush. Nothing will drag your lads out of their hangovers better than the incredible Go karting experience on the 1270 meter track. If this is not sufficient, then you have other options like Golf, Surfing or just hanging around in bars like the British Bar, K Urban Bar. Lisbon offers you the craziest of the night parties about which you will not stop singing once you reach back.

Marbella, Spain

It looks like Spain features in almost all beach stag party stories and Marbella is a common feature. If the nightlife of any city can be vouched as legendary, then it is Marbella. It is a guarantee that one of your nights will be spent in the famous, beautiful yachts of Puerto Banus, making your best buddy feel no less than a king before he gets his queen! Marbella is a party paradise with excellent bars like News café, Babilonia to get high on life with the best possible company!

Albufeira, Portugal

When it comes to beach activities, Albufeira will not disappoint you. It has almost all the activities for your groom team that will leave them in an awe. From banana boating to parasailing or water skiing, you name it and this city has it. Albufeira stag weekends cover it all be it activities or sightseeing. The beach BBQ Cruise will be the best experience for your groom and other friends. The nightlife in the city is no less as compared to any other place in the list with some of the best pubs like the Manhattan Café, the Piccadilly Cocktail Bar and the Shamrock Irish Bar in Algarve that is close by and a must visit. Do not return until you have explored Lagos and its beautiful beaches and historical monuments.


If your groom to command that his tag party shall only be a beach one, then the best man cannot deny. Beach parties are possibly one of the best party weekends that you can go for your best mate’s stag do during summer time to have the most splendid party of his life. So, what is the wait for, pack your bags and head out for the best weekend ever. Leave the planning on us.  

Author: Sarah Williams,