When it comes to choosing the next place to visit on your list, it can be hard to make a decision because of not knowing what the country or destination has to offer. You may have seen our article on the world’s best destinations for nature lovers which is perfect for those that are (obviously) interested in nature. There are many different types of people around the world that enjoy different activities, so it’s hard to generalize the world’s best locations. However, we have compiled a list of the world’s best destinations for people who like the simple life. Those who like to take living right back to its roots and almost shut themselves off from the world for a little while.


For those of you that love the idea of taking life right back to the roots, Bulgaria is a fantastic destination to consider. While it’s becoming an increasingly more popular tourist destination, the way of life is still kept simple, and that’s what people love about it. There’s no need for fancy technology to take you through each day. With so many beautiful things to see and do, along with the absolutely incredible weather that it receives, you’d be mad not to try it! If you’re looking for a quieter village, consider heading to Ravda where you will find more of the local lifestyles, and if you travel between the months of October and March, you’re less likely to see crowds of tourists. Bear in mind that many attractions will be closed, but the necessities will still be available for you.


One of the best things about Bulgaria is the cost of living. While in Britain you will find that a bottle of water is over £1, in Bulgaria you will find that the same bottle of water is a considerable amount cheaper, so you won’t need to take mountains of cash with you because it won’t cost you very much at all! You may also notice that flights and locations to stay are also extremely cheap too.


There are many sights and cities that you could visit in Portugal, but today Lisbon is on our list for people who want to experience the simple life. With quaint towns and beautiful houses, you can rest assured that if you visit Lisbon that you will be taken back to the simpler times. To add to that, the weather in Portugal is fantastic, and you can expect to relax in the sunny weather. If you are looking for things to do in Lisbon, check this link out for the 25 best things to do in Lisbon – https://www.thecrazytourist.com/.The great thing about this list is that it takes you back to the roots of Lisbon, so you can really experience and get the feel for the lifestyle there.


Next on the list is Worcestershire in England. This has made it onto the list because of the vast amount of things that you can do without feeling like technology is taking over your life. Worcestershire is full of quaint towns and streets, and situated inside of it are the Malvern Hills. These historic hills are the centre of three different counties (worcestershire being one of them) and you can walk across them at ease. Another fun fact of the Malvern Hills is that they produce fresh water which is sold in bottles around the UK, and the water is the Queen’s choice of water to drink. There is also the Morgan Motor factory situated in Malvern, where one of the oldest car brands in Britain originates from. You can tour the factory and take yourself back to the roots of England. With so many things to learn and see, you will forget about your regular busy lives and live the simple life.

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Beach in Salou Costa Dora -Shutterstock


As you probably already know, Spain is a popular tourist destination thanks to the affordable holidays and hot weather. However, some of the destinations have become very commercialized over the years due to success in businesses due to tourists. If you’re looking for an affordable trip with the simple life added on, you should consider going to Salou in Spain. Situated right on the seafront, Salou is an often forgotten about town due to the surrounding cities that grab all of the tourists because of how up to date the lifestyle is. With beautiful sights to see and the local life to experience, you are guaranteed to have a great time in Salou.


Normandy is situated in France and is a fantastic place to go if you love visiting places that celebrate their history. Normandy was a major part of world war two, and still has a plethora of remnants from the war for you to visit and enjoy. The great thing about Normandy is that it’s so proud of it’s history that the City is still living the simple and happy life. The fact that there is no longer a war and troops storming the beaches is enough to keep an incredible ambience throughout the city. It’s a great place to take the children to teach them about the origins and saviours of world war two. So, not only is it a great place to visit for the simple life, but it’s also educational for your children too!


Being able to go on vacation and not have to still be bombarded with daily life is a luxury that many of us crave for. Consider these destinations if you’re looking to take yourself away from your regular day to day lives and to learn about the roots of the place too. You don’t need technology to have a good time, and often many people find that cutting out technology and their regular lives for a small time allows them to truly relax and appreciate the simpler things in life.