K-Pop industry has evolved so much in past decades. It is in its third decade and it has been growing so fast. You might be a fan of Hallyu wave and love listening his latest songs but we have compiled some songs for you which remind you how outstandingly Korean pop music has been developing. This post gives a toast to the most popular songs of all time that have made K-Pop what it is today. You might find some of your favorite Korean artists on this page. Keep reading to know more about these songs. I am a huge K-pop admirer and here are my picks for the best K-Pop Songs of all time:

I Know (Seo Taiji and the Boys)

When Seo Taiji’s heavy metal band ‘Sinawe’ broke up in 1991, he started playing with Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This music technology introduced a new kind of music standard, one which was more experimental. Seo Taiji created ‘Seo Taiji and the Boys’ then, presenting the idea of a Korean dance pop boy’s band. For the song “I Know”, Seo Taiji and the Boys’ were exceptionally appreciated for their rapping and new class of music. They are known as the ‘godfathers’ of Korean pop industry as they served to the Korean music industry by giving it an amazing turning point.

Candy (H.O.T.)

As Korean pop industry started to flourish, we got gifted by H.O.T. a group that came into being in the mid of 90’s. H.O.T created SM Entertainment into a home name and “Candy” earned the music group plentiful sales and great success. This soundtrack brought something into the world which is now mentioned as the ‘fandom culture’ where 1000s of teen agers join each other to support their most loved group.

I’m Your Girl (S.E.S.)

It’s not just the boys who are famous for Korean pop; girls have done their job even better! This is another awesome hit of SM Entertainment, S.E.S. in which females worked with above-mentioned H.O.T. However this trio only worked well till 2002 when the example for females in Korean Pop was set with this outstanding soundtrack “I’m Your Girl”. Improving further vocals and rapping from new members of Shinhwa Eric Mun and Andy Lee, the memorable song boosted the three lead vocalists into the spotlight as the major girl group of the 90s. S.E.S. presents an R&B effect that can only be taken from that time period!

Eusha Eusha (Shinhwa)

Shinhwa was firstly giving an impression of being H.O.T. copycat, the SM made the Good Entertainment group one of the lengthiest careers of any music groups in the Korean music industry. “Eusha Eusha” was the first song by this group, presenting the formation of heavy heart-touching aegyo serves as the group’s appeal. However “Eusha Eusha” was not massively hit but this song served as a significant change in the way the K-Pop started to sound.

Gee (Girl’s Generation)

The colorful jeans, the pretty hair-dos, the lovable dance… we all at some point have desired to be a follower of SNSD back in school. “Gee” manifested the essential moment that girls had taken back whatever the men had dominated. SNSD, by SM, utilized “Gee” to breakdown the earlier ranking of number 1 on the KBS music bank. Getting overall of 10 award winnings for the soundtrack, the group worked hard to stay on the upper rankings of the charts for about two months. The skill to sweep the music charts was just the opening for Girl’s Generation’s extended career as a group. Successes for instance “Run Devil Run”, “Hoot”, “Genie”, and many more got released into the market after the popularity of “Gee”.
Thanks for reading this post. I hope you liked these picks from K-pop music. If you have more Korean pop songs in mind which you would like to add in this list, do leave a suggestion in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this post with the world. : )

Author: Kristal Bean:

Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes wedding planner. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music. Find more music posts and live bands at Green Light Booking.