Caribbean holidays are often the ones that people crave the most. They think about the scenic white beaches lined with palm trees. Another amazing thing of the Caribbean is their coral reefs. So, if you want a Caribbean holiday, you can definitely visit Barbados. It is easy to find houses for rent in Barbados in the age of the internet. Book your trip right now so that you do not have to lose the amazing experience of Barbados. It is one of the most known places in the Caribbean because of its culture and heritage. The fig trees that are native to the island make it look amazing. Visit the capital city of Bridgetown or any other part of the island and experience the love of the Caribbean.

Places to Visit in Barbados:

We have made a list of places that you need to visit in Barbados. This will definitely help you in planning a trip to this beautiful island country. Traveling through the country is super easy and the people are very friendly. So, if you have any problem with them for help. Let us begin with our amazing list:

Bridgetown: You definitely saw that coming as we already told that this is the capital city of Barbados. It is also the largest city present in the country. The past has mixed with present and has given birth to a unique culture of the native people. In Bridgetown, you have to visit the Carlisle Bay which is one of the best beaches of the Caribbean. You can easily swim in the waters and experience scuba diving or snorkeling. Another important spot is the houses for rent in Barbados which is one of the oldest distilleries of the Caribbean. The building is 350 years old and is surrounded by a beautiful estate. If you want to know about the history of the place then visit the Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill. It shows the old way of making sugar and also the stretch of sugar plantations. Other key points include the Cheapside Market, Harrison’s Point Lighthouse,and the Jewish Synagogue.

Bathsheba: This is a laid-back village that you can find in Barbados. The setting is extremely beautiful and natural and retains the old beauty. You find the Andromeda Tropical Botanic Gardens and the Flower Forest when you visit this place. The Bathsheba beach is also very beautiful due to its rock structures. The place is good for pictures but stay away from the water. The Flower Forest is stretch over 53.6 acres as is filled with botanical beauty. The place even lets you get married.

Welchman Hall Gully: Another botanical wonderland that you can visit when you are in Barbados. It is situated in the parish of St. Thomas. The gully is a three-quarter mile long and possesses many botanical wonders. Tropical plants, nutmeg plants, bamboo and other varieties can be seen in this beautiful place. You can easily walk by yourself and even catch the playful monkeys. There are natural caves in the place which look equally beautiful. In the early morning, you can experience the staff feeding the green monkeys.

Harrison’s Cave: The natural wonders of the place tell the stories of their past. Harrison’s cave is one such thing that you will find in Barbados. It is a limestone cave and you can see the various stalactites and stalagmites that have formed through the years. The tour is done through an electric tram and a guide explains the place to you. The tour lasts for one hour and is perfect for kids and family. People who want to see the cave closely can also enjoy the eco-adventure tour which lasts for 3.5 hours. It lets you get up close and personal with the cave.

Folkestone Marine Park: If you want to see marine animals you will need to visit this park. The perfect place for kids as they will love the fishes and other animals. It is situated in an artificial reef which was formed by the sinking of a ship. People can snorkel in the area to see the beautiful marine life. People who have prior experience of diving can also explore the Stavronikita which is a shipwreck site. Children can also explore the aquarium.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve: The wildlife of the Caribbean is exquisite and a must-see for anyone. For millions of years, the animal and plant world have thrived to become what it is today. So, we can respectfully watch this amazing creature at a place where they are protected. The place is housed in a mahogany forest where animals peacefully cohabit with each other. They are free to roam so people need to look carefully to see the animals. The green monkey was the main cause that this reserve was created. But throughout the years’ many species have joined. These include the Mara, Iguana, the Caiman crocodiles, parrots, peacocks, tortoises, the Brocket deer and many species of snakes. The reserve feeds their animals at 2 PM so it is a good time to see most of them.

These are few of the places that you can experience when you are in Barbados. There are other unique things like the Sunbury Plantation or the Farley Hill National Park. The most important thing is to have fun and stay safe when in Barbados. Taste the local cuisine and sunbathe in the Carlisle Bay to have a relaxing holiday.

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