By Stephanie Holmes

Designing or remodeling a new kitchen is an exciting project. With all the choices out there, it’s easy to get caught up in all the commotion that comes with creating a new space.

Unfortunately, while trying to choose between painted cabinets or natural wood cabinets, people end up making mistakes that can cause headaches or regrets later on.

While everyone knows about the kitchen triangle workspace, not nearly as many people know about the top 5 mistakes that we are going to discuss here.

There can be so many measurements, plans, and decisions to make that, while fun, can seem overwhelming sometimes. A poor or impractical design can make your kitchen difficult to use or forces you to spend the next 10 plus years looking at a mistake and giving your kitchen the stink-eye.

This doesn’t mean you should sit back and let someone else make choices for you! You simply need to be aware of the common errors that most people make so that you can avoid them.

Take a few minutes and learn about the top 5 kitchen design errors many homeowners make.

Mistake #1 – Not Enough Counter Space

We aren’t talking about the price of the countertops themselves, although they can really zap your budget, but overall counter space. You want enough space to set down groceries, use appliances, set out dishes, and, of course, preparing and cooking food.

Additional counter space is nearly impossible to add on later, so it is definitely worth the time it takes to plan out how much space you want before you purchase or install countertops.

Mistake #2-Blowing the Budget, Big Time

This is one of the most common errors that homeowners make. Everyone wants top of the line appliances, granite countertops, and the most up to date cabinets; however, it’s easy to blow your budget doing this. Before you ever speak to a pro, do a little research on your own.

Consider what you really need vs. what you really want. If you simply can’t imagine your kitchen without X, then perhaps you are willing to compromise and buy a less expensive version of Y. Stick to your budget and you will be happier overall.

Mistake #3-Choosing Appliances Last

Many people think that a refrigerator is a refrigerator and while they all basically do the same thing, it is much easier to build cabinets and plan space around appliances rather than the other way around.

While your appliances don’t make the kitchen, so to speak, they are a major part of the overall design. Choosing appliances first will also help you to choose cabinets and flooring to match, as well as help you stay within your budget.

Mistake #4-Scant Storage Space

It’s the little things that turn an ordinary kitchen into a fabulous one. There is nothing more frustrating than to discover that your special baking sheets will not fit in the cabinets you purchased.

When shopping for cabinets, little things like lazy Susan’s, special cabinets just for lids, and pull out drawers will really pay off in terms of overall satisfaction later on.

Don’t forget to use every possible inch of space, including thin, pullout cabinets in that small space next to the stove, as well as the spaces under and over that built in oven.

Check out all the possible options for increasing storage space. This is where creativity and design becomes a super fun pair!

Mistake #5-Ignoring Lighting

Lighting is one of the last things homeowners think about when remodeling their kitchens and this is a huge mistake. It won’t matter how beautiful the countertop is or how sharp and shiny your new knife set is if you can’t see what you are doing! Consider areas of your kitchen that might have dark corners or could possibly cast dark shadows on your beautiful island.

Kitchen lighting has changed dramatically from the old days when stick on lights were put underneath the overhead cabinets! When in doubt, talk to your kitchen remodeling pro for ideas about how you can light up your new kitchen so it can be seen, as well as allowing you to see!

Remember that while current trends are always cool, you should stick to what will work best for the overall style of your home, your budget, and your overall tastes. Trends don’t last (remember the avocado green and gold appliances?) but classic styles with truly useful features do!

Author Bio: I am Stephanie, a home improvement blogger. I love to write blog on different topics, such as: Home Improvement, Automotive, Business, Health, Lifestyle, Pet, etc.

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