Mighway—The RV Rental Marketplace recently partnered with the unique Harvest Hosts network to offer RV guests the rare opportunity to camp overnight at wineries, farms, ranches, breweries, museums and other one-of-a-kind attractions.

“We’re pleased to be the first peer-to-peer platform to partner with Harvest Hosts, which offers truly unique places to camp overnight in a self-contained RV,” said Mighway CEO Dave Simmons. “We’re continuing to raise the bar on ways to inspire RV travelers and make it easy to create distinctive, value-packed experiences with the click of a button. Between Harvest Hosts and our recent partnerships with ThousandTrails.com, ReserveAmerica.com and Roadtrippers.com, Mighway now offers the largest network of amazing camping sites to book with their RV rental on any mobile device.”

For a $49 annual membership fee, Harvest Hosts provides access to a network of 600+ stunning wineries, farms, breweries, museums and other unique attractions across the lower 48 states, Alaska, Canada and Baja California. They invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight with the aim to connect RVers with authentic hidden gems and support local businesses.

“The partnership between Mighway and Harvest Hosts makes The Great American Road Trip more accessible than ever,” said Harvest Hosts CEO Joel Holland. “Mighway provides the wheels, and Harvest Hosts provides the where. Once you rent the perfect RV from Mighway, you will find unique overnight experiences where you can truly experience the local lifestyle and support the communities you stay in by booking tours or purchasing goods from our hosts, dining at local restaurants and shopping at independent boutiques. Our hosts range from alpaca, alligator and goat farms to family friendly wineries, orchards, ranches and museums—including the Museum of Osteology (skeletons)!”

Mighway—The RV Rental Marketplace draws on decades of industry experience to offer a new peer-to-peer hybrid that is changing the way people rent and list RVs online, making the booking and travel experience better for customers with its comprehensive services and unrivaled network of partnerships.

About Mighway—The RV Rental Marketplace

Mighway—The RV Rental Marketplace is an innovative RV sharing platform, raising the bar in service and consumer protection, and connecting RV owners with travelers. While other RV sharing platforms serve more as booking engines, Mighway assists travelers throughout the road trip and often beyond. More than that, Mighway changes the game by offering the option to manage everything for owners as well. For more information, visit www.Mighway.com.

About Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a membership network of wineries, breweries, farms, museums and other attractions that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight. For a $49 yearly membership fee, Harvest Hosts offers allows its members to stay at over 600 in the lower 48 US states, Canada and Alaska for free, and provides new opportunities to explore and enjoy the RVing lifestyle. The company’s goal is to provide meaningful experiences for RVers and Hosts alike.