California-born brand Alkemie Jewelry has launched Alkemie Road Mobile Shoppe, a moving handmade retail store using mostly reclaimed materials that houses the entire Alkemie jewelry collection and more than 20 other brands that reflect the California lifestyle — from curated organic beauty products and vintage pieces to sacred curiosities from around the world.

Inspired by objects found in nature, Alkemie makes hand-cast designs, using reclaimed metal to limit environmental damage and a lost-wax process that gives a natural finish. Alkemie followed the same philosophy when developing the mobile store from the flatbed up. To design the store, the team worked with mostly reclaimed materials using 120-year-old stained-glass church windows, reclaimed 1920’s Douglas fir boards, an old growth redwood water tank from the 1960’s repurposed as beams and entrance staircase, 
a hand-carved barn owl sliding front door, and a whimsical wishing swing not just for kids.

Initial 3D renderings were created by London designer, Tegan Bukowski of Zahid Hadid Architecture, and legendary artist Stanley Mouse, founder of the 60s-psychedelic art movement created the Alkemie Road logo.

The Alkemie Road Mobile Shoppe debuted August 25 in Malibu and is the first time the entire Alkemie line of over 400 SKUs has ever been under one roof. “We are delighted that customers can now immerse themselves in the full Alkemie experience with our curated boutique,” said Dara Gerson, co-founder of Alkemie Road. “On the day we launched, someone called me the Magic Mama of Malibu – and that’s just about how I feel. I’m excited to bring products to people that nourish their bodies, minds and their souls.”

Alkemie Road is as much a work of art as the jewelry designed by husband-and-wife design team Dara Gerson and Ashley Lowengrub, who founded Alkemie 10 years ago to create iconic styles inspired by mother earth, vintage heirlooms and rock ‘n’ roll. Dara Gerson was first discovered and carried by Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, with Barney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York soon following. The brand has a worldwide cult following, with celebrity fans like Kirsty Hume, Sharon Stone, Dave Navarro, Sibyl Buck, Eva Greene, Chris Traynor, Dave Dreiwitz, Bob Weir, Michelle Rodriguez, Jenna Malone and many others. Alkemie creations have been featured in films and TV programs like The Hunger Games and True Blood.

Alkemie Road will be parked on the Malibu Pier and open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., 23000 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu, CA. 

In addition, the company will also create pop-up shops and participate in music festivals and charity events in and around Southern California — and sometimes will just take to the open road.


Alkemie Jewelry is a Southern California-based brand founded in 2008 by husband-and-wife design team, Dara Gerson and Ashley Lowengrub who have perfected and mastered the art of alchemy — transforming something common into something precious. Prior to meeting, Dara and Ashley each had their own successful jewelry lines. Together, they now develop pieces and accessories using abundant materials and metals, turning their iconic designs into wearable art. Alkemie jewelry makes you feel empowered and becomes part of your identity. The brand has earned a devoted worldwide following, not only for the originality of its designs, but as a socially and environmentally progressive company. Alkemie Road debuted on the Malibu Pier August 25, 2018 and carries all of Alkemie Jewelry and 20 other partner brands. For more information about Alkemie Jewelry, go to and for Alkemie Road, go to