There’s no place in the world like Colorado. This is why Colorado is a popular vacation destination. Here are 10 facts to know before visiting Colorado.

Colorado hit new heights in 2017, with the latest figures showing a staggering 86 million tourists made it their vacation destination last year!

Colorado is clearly doing something right. If you’d like to get to know this fascinating state better and enjoy a fantastic family vacation there, there are some facts you should be aware of before you jet off.

Buckle your seat-belts — here are ten facts to know before visiting Colorado!

  1. The Weather is Crazy

Colorado is one of the most exciting places to visit in the United States. In terms of packing though, its climate can present a challenge.

Colorado is a big state, so it’s not possible in this article to prepare you for every eventuality. But, you should do your homework on your specific area ahead of time.

The closer you get to the Colorado Rockies, you’re going to get colder and less predictable weather. We’d recommend you layer up. This way you’re just as well prepared for those icy blasts as you are for the sunny spells in between.

  1. Big Brands Out, Local Brews In

If you like beer, you’ll be in clover when visiting Colorado.

This is not the time to stick to your tried and tested brewskis. Colorado is one of the craft brewing centers of the US, and you’ll thank us for this tip as you try out some of the most original brews the nation has to offer.

  1. There’s More to Denver Than Just an Airport

One of the things to know about Colorado is Denver needn’t just be where you touch down — it’s a great destination in its own right.

Known as ‘Mile High City’ it’s got plenty to offer in terms of culture and education, with the Clyfford Still Museum and Denver Botanic Gardens well worth a visit.

There are also awesome day trips you can do from Denver, such as visiting Jurassic dinosaur bones at Dinosaur Ridge or the Museum and Grave of Buffalo Bill, the most famous cowboy to ever roam these lands.

  1. There’s More to Colorado Than Just the Rockies!

Colorado is a state with so many vacation options you’ll struggle to narrow it down to just one.

Of course, most people’s first thought when they think of visiting Colorado is to going skiing in the Rockies — and don’t get us wrong, it’s a great option. But there are lots of summer options for great vacations as well.

But, there are tons of vacation ideas to investigate, from adventure holidays to mountain climbing, spa breaks to world-class events.

  1. Don’t Miss the Arkansas River

Yes, you read it right — the Arkansas River actually flows through the great state of Colorado and in doing so offers up some of its finest tourist attractions.

The great thing about the Arkansas River is it’s got something for everyone. If you’re looking for thrills, then check out the category 5 rapids. If you prefer something more sedate, then a river cruise or fishing trip could be just the ticket.

Either way, time spent on the Arkansas River is a great way to enjoy the awesome outdoor landscapes of this majestic state.

  1. Taking Skiing Lessons is Fine With Us

It can be intimidating heading to a world-class ski resort as a total skiing virgin.

Never fear, you’ll find most resorts offer skiing and snowboarding lessons to get you started and help you overcome any fears.

They’ll help you get acquainted with the all-important etiquette of the slopes. This means you’ll keep yourself and others safe, and enjoy fewer choice words and looks from your fellow skiers!

  1. Be Bear Aware

We don’t want to scare anyone off, but bears are a part of life in Colorado.

Even in tourist hotspots such as Vail, Aspen, and Colorado Springs, bears have been spotted regularly venturing into suburban areas in search of food.

Everyone needs to do their part to limit what attracts bears — access to food. This means all residents from regulars to tourists need to make sure their trash is properly secured and bear-proof.

There are extra precautions to take when camping, so make sure your kids are in the know before venturing into the great outdoors.

  1. It’s High Here (We’re Talking Altitude…)

Denver isn’t called ‘Mile High City’ for nothing — in fact, the whole state is situated at impressive altitudes.

If you ordinarily live somewhere at a lower altitude, it’s going to affect you. Alcohol hits you harder and the thinner air means physical activities are also more strenuous than at sea level.

Altitude sickness is not much fun, so to avoid it, make sure you keep hydrated, moderate your activity levels, and get plenty of rest as your body makes the adjustment.

  1. We’ve Got Our Own Fashion Code

Milan, Paris, New York, Colorado Springs. Notice the odd one out?

Yeah, Colorado is not exactly famous for high fashion. The dress code here is decidedly more relaxed. That’s probably got something to do with the fact that the weather is a little more unforgiving than those centers of high couture.

What this means is Colorado gives you a great opportunity to wear what feels good without feeling judged! So relax, dress for the weather, and you’ll fit in just fine.

  1. Visit the Finest Trail in America

Well, we certainly think the Colorado Trail deserves that description, and here are some reasons why:

Whether you’re hiking or biking, at 500 miles, you’re never going to run out of new places to visit.

With 6 wilderness areas and 8 mountain ranges along its route, not to mention lakes and creeks, it is a quintessentially American experience — and one no visitor to Colorado should miss.

The Takeaway on Visiting Colorado

If you love the great outdoors, there are few states, or places on earth for that matter, with as much to offer as Colorado.

To ensure you get the best out of visiting Colorado, plan ahead well, dress for the weather, and you and your family will have memories galore to treasure for years to come.

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