If you’re trying to save money for travel- heed these four surefire tips to help get the ball rolling. Click here for more information on this!

You dream of traveling the world, but how much money do you need to fund your trip? And have you worked out a plan to save money for travel?

Whatever your objective, vague goals with no real plan lead to vague results. Achievable, concrete goals and a clear action plan to save money will help you boost your travel fund in no time. Which means you’ll be able to save more money and head off round the world sooner!

Read on to find out how to save money for a trip.

  1. Start a Travel Fund

When it comes to saving money for a trip, the first step is to start a travel fund and commit to making regular payments.

Make a budget for monthly bills, foo, and transport. Whatever is left is your potential travel savings fund each month. Decide how much of this you can spare and set up a direct payment from your checking account to your travel fund.

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  1. Cut the ‘Treat Yourself’ Mentality

Why can some people save on a tight budget while others live from hand to mouth despite earning far more than their necessary outgoings?

Most of the time, it’s those little treats, which soon add up to big bucks. To the average over-spender, takeouts, manicures, lattes-to-go, and other luxuries are all regular occurrences.

If you want to save for traveling, you need to stop frittering away the money that could take you around the world on overpriced coffees and other non-essentials.

One good tactic when it comes to learning how to save money for travel is to ask yourself, ‘spend here or save the money for there?’ The $70 you were going to drop on a facial could be enough for several day’s accommodations in some budget travel destinations.

  1. Start Working with a Capsule Wardrobe

There’s nothing like travel to get you to reassess your priorities. You’ll probably end up cutting your own hair and, depending on where you head, you might come to consider a flushing toilet to be a luxury.

And, most definitely, you’ll have to live from a suitcase or backpack with only limited space for clothes. Save money on buying new clothes and practice living with a limited selection of outfits by establishing a capsule wardrobe now.

Follow Victoria Beckham’s lead and stick to basics like a pair of jeans, a black dress, a white shirt, black pants and a few basic sweaters and t-shirts. Aim for around 33 items and see how creative you can get with mixing and matching.

  1. Do More Free Things

Saving money for a trip doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun. You just need to find cheaper, or ideally free, ways to entertain yourself.

Cancel your gym membership and exercise in the great outdoors. Go to the library for your reading material and pick up some classic DVDs while you’re there.

Enjoy nights in with friends instead of expensive nights out and visit free museums and galleries. And, even in the biggest cities, you can find ways to appreciate the beauty of nature by going for a hike or visiting the beach.

Great Ways to Save Money for Travel

With these great tips to save money for travel, you’ll soon be packing your bags and fulfilling your dreams of a nomad life.

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