Looking for a fun and reasonable getaway for your family this holiday season? Click here for the top six family campgrounds to visit during the holidays!

As the holidays approach, you and your family try to decide what you want to do together.

An ugly sweater party? Dinner and board games? No, your family wants something a little more adventurous. 40.5 million Americans went camping in 2016— your family decided you want in on the outdoors.

With an endless amount of options, it can be difficult to choose which campsites to consider. That’s why we’ve done the work for you and picked the top 6 family campgrounds your family can enjoy this holiday season!

Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts

With many locations, Jellystone Park Campsites are accessible for any family.

You can choose a winter wonderland in a northern state or travel down south for a warmer camping experience. Jellystone is one of the more fun campgrounds geared towards children and families.

You can take an RV, pitch a tent, or rent a cabin. For families that want a variety of activities and options, this is the best campsite for you!

Ballina Seabreeze Caravan Park

Are you and your family global-trekkers? Check out Seabreeze Caravan Park in Australia, south of Brisbane.

Did you know summer in Australia lasts from December to February? Take some time to warm-up on the beach, get back into summer activities, and explore a new city!

You can even bring your dogs camping with you at this site!

Redwood National Park

Want to walk among the largest trees in the world? Pretend you are on a rescue mission on Endor? Go camping at Redwood National Park in California.

Your family will have the option to camp with lodging or go hiking in the back-country. The weather is usually moderate this time of year. Be sure to do your research on when you may need a permit, or for other alerts.

Redwood National Park is celebrating 50 years this year, so there is no better time to visit!

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Camping during the holidays wouldn’t be complete without a winter wonderland. For a magical, snow-filled experience check out Cypress Hills in Alberta/Saskatchewan, Canada.

Snowshoeing, skiing, natural ice rinks, and hockey rinks– your family can all take part in their favorite winter activities.

Corcovado Adventures

Want to camp non-traditionally? Your family should check out Corcovado Tent Camp in Costa Rica! If you hate cold weather and want a change a scenery, take your family on a true adventure.

Hidden in the Osa Peninsula, this campsite has jungle and ocean access. Beachfront walk-in tents and other campground amenities are offered when you book your trip!

The Adirondacks

Tucked away in the mountains, The Adirondacks, in New York is made for kids and adults, alike.

Go snowmobiling, skiing, or hop on a toboggan ride. Your family will stay in a cozy cabin with an endless list of activities to take part in– including winter carnivals!

When you think of family camping with younger kids this holiday season, consider this more kid-friendly site!

Family Campgrounds this Holiday

Choose from one of these family campgrounds this holiday season and have some fun!

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