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You don’t have to rely on expensive gym memberships or classes to get into shape. It can be hard to maintain a workout schedule, but it just got easier with these smartphone apps.


Weight loss apps educate you about the nutritional value of foods while helping you break unhealthy eating habits. Running and cycling apps guide your routes and record your times. Strength training apps teach you proper lifting techniques and tailor workouts to your needs and abilities.


With so much available in the palm of your hand, there aren’t any excuses for missing a workout. It’s recommended that adults exercise at least 150 minutes per week, which is only two and a half hours every week. You could even break this down to 30 minutes every day Monday through Friday.


To get started, scroll through the infographic below to learn about the 12 best apps for tracking your physical health.


Let us know which ones you liked or didn’t.  MDH