As bartenders look for creative ways to add unique flavors, vibrant colors and tantalizing scents to their cocktails, more and more mixologists are turning to an under-utilized ingredient that combines all three: tea. The talented mixologists at Hakkasan Las Vegas have created a Turkish Rose Tea cocktail with bold flavors, vibrant color and a striking visual impact.

The Turkish Rose Tea combines the delicate sweetness of St. Germain, infused with smooth matcha and Hakkasan’s own green batch mix- a unique combination of Jasmine tea syrup, St. Germain and Nolets silver gin.

Turkish Rose Tea
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Turkish Rose Tea

Turkish Rose Tea Cocktail


  • ¼ barspoon matcha powder
  • .75oz egg white
  • .75oz fresh lemon juice
  • 2.75oz Green batch mix*
  • Clipped Firestick (to garnish)



  • Add all ingredients into shaker
  • Give a good dry shake
  • Then add ice and give another shake
  • Finally pour into glass and top off with a clipped Firestick.


*Green batch Mix Recipe

Mix .75oz Jasmine tea syrup with .75oz St. Germain and 1.25 Nolets silver gin to create the green batch mix.

Thanks goes to Zach Dore for passing on this cocktail from the mixologists at Hakkasan Las Vegas.