When you think of summer travel, your mind may go to having fun in the sun. Beaches. Sunbathing. Water skiing. Warm weather. Cold drinks. Maybe you’ve spent the cold season dreaming about your next summer vacation.

Not everyone loves the summer sun and heat though. If you’re not a sun-worshipper, or have a family member who isn’t, these five summer vacation ideas might be just what you’re looking for instead.

Casino Vacations

If hanging out at the beach isn’t your idea of a good time, a casino trip somewhere like Atlantic City or the Las Vegas Strip might be a better fit. Both allow you to spend much of your time indoors, and they feature a vibrant nightlife with shows, gambling, and upscale dining.

If your travel companions still want to spend some time in the sun during the days, these cities offer plenty of that as well. Or sleep in, and then take an evening stroll along the Atlantic City Boardwalk to enjoy the beach without baking in the sun.


What if you don’t totally want to avoid the sun, but you want to have the ability to find relief at a moment’s notice? Consider taking a cruise for your next summer vacation. You can take in water views from your cabin while you keep cool. And you, or family members, can still lay out in the sun on the deck or swim in the pool if you want to cool off. Cruises also have plenty of indoor activities to keep you busy including restaurants, bars, and live entertainment.

Resort Spas

A beach resort might not be your thing, but you have other options if you’re looking to be pampered. For example, you can kick back during the summer months at a mountain resort. From the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania to Vail, Colorado, you’ll find year-round mountain resorts and spas with activities for everyone.

Bask in the mountain air after a shade-filled hike, or spend your time indulging in spa treatments like a massage, a dermaplaning treatment to refresh your skin, or a hydrotherapy session.

Ski Trips

Go skiing in the summer? Why not? You’ll find summer ski resorts open in Canada, the northern U.S., or head to Europe and go glacier skiing year-round at the Hintertux Glacier in Austria. You can also visit the Southern Hemisphere (our summer is their winter) and take a ski vacation in Australia or South America.

Indoor Adventure Parks

If you’d rather stay indoors most of your vacation without sacrificing fun for the whole family, consider indoor adventure parks. You’ll find indoor rock climbing, trampoline parks, and even indoor water parks like the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin.

You don’t have to be a fan of the summer heat to enjoy yourself on a summer vacation with the family. Whether you prefer some out-of-season snow or simply want to soak up some indoor fun, these vacation destinations offer something for everyone.