In today’s society, technology is integrated into every part of our daily lives. Our phones help us communicate across the globe, give us directions and let us access the world’s information from anywhere. But outside of our mobile devices, other gadgets are getting smart upgrades that change not only how we interact with them, but what they can do for us as well. This integration of technology with household items is at the root of the smart home industry, as consumers look to bring more connectivity, connivence and control into their lives in any way that they can.
To take a deeper look into this industry and the biggest startups in the game, the team at The Zebra examined the latest tech that has transformed the way we think about smart homes and artificial intelligence. From products solely focused on utility and security, to tech that changes the way we view our health, below are some of the most exciting trends in smart homes today. They even took a look at how much money the start up has raised, and how much of an impact they’ve already had on this growing market so you can know just what kind of company you are buying from when you look to upgrade your home.
But no matter how you choose to upgrade your home (or why), it’s important to protect your new devices with the best home insurance you can buy. Check out the infographic below to get started on your journey to a smarter home today!
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