As we get older, there tends to be something that we don’t experience nearly enough: romantic getaways. Bearing this in mind, when you do get away on a romantic getaway, it stands to reason that you need to get it right from the outset.

In the modern-day world, this is something that’s surprisingly difficult. Enjoying a relaxing break with your other half has somehow been made more challenging than it really should be.

This is where today’s article comes into play. We will now take a look at four areas that you need to pay close attention next time you plan a romantic getaway.

Choose A Relaxing Location

The purpose of this weekend is romance, right? This means that choosing a vibrant, busy destination probably isn’t going to do the two of you any favours. Instead, it’s going to prompt stress, and things are less likely to go to plan. So, instead, consider doing some research into some more romantic destinations.

Rather than opt for a busy city break, consider a getaway at a luxurious spa somewhere like the Belfry. This can help you disconnect from the world and help the two of you relax.

Your Itinerary Matters

Even if you do choose a quaint destination, you should make sure you are careful in planning your itinerary. This isn’t the time where you should be cramming everything into two days – this is going to prompt nothing but rushing and extra stress.

Instead, try and do as few things as possible. Again, the point of the trip is to spend quality time together as a couple and attempting to swipe through a bucket list isn’t going to help with this.

The Power of Disconnecting

It would be fair to say that technology has changed the way that most of us live. Unfortunately, it has also changed the way in which most of us take holidays.

Gone are the days where we were just armed with each other, and perhaps a good book. Now, mobile phone addiction is the biggest phrase on the block, and if you’re not careful, it can wreak havoc with your romantic getaway.

Whether it’s checking work emails, texting friends or checking Instagram – all of these are taking attention away from your significant other. Try and avoid any sort of overuse of your phone at all costs.

Book Out of The Peak Season

In some ways, this links a lot of the points we have already spoken about. If you haven’t grasped the message yet, the main point has been about the two of you enjoying enough downtime together.

Well, even if you cut down your itinerary and book a quieter destination, there is still scope for things to get busy. Therefore, we would urge you at all costs to book outside of the peak season. This will naturally differ between destinations, but the purpose is to try and get as few other people as possible in your destination of choice. Achieve this, and you’ll be amazed at the effect it has on your romantic getaway.