Riding in the city is an outstanding strategy for avoiding traffic and also including some exercise in your daily life. Understanding the situations you encounter on the streets can make biking a safer and more enjoyable experience. Before you even hop on your wheels, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Urban rides such as comfortable mens hybrid bicycles can make your life easier as long as you pay attention to these dos and don’ts.

Do: Make Yourself Easy To See

Consider wearing reflective biking gear, a safety vest, or a light. If these don’t fit your style, at least choose bright colors. Your bike may have reflectors, but you want that to be extra protection rather than your only line of defense. Reflectors are also useless to pedestrians and other unlit bikers, who can ruin your day almost as quickly as a car crash.

Do: Wear a Helmet

While we’re on the subject of safety gear, make sure you wear head protection. It may feel uncomfortable, but so does hitting your face on the asphalt. You might think it looks uncool but imagine what you’ll look like with a bloody nose. Even minor blows to the head can cause expensive hospital visits. Strap on a bike or motorcycle helmet and ignore the haters.

Do: Lock Up Your Bike

You’d be shocked how many city bikes get stolen because the owners were “just going in the store for a minute.” It’s not just professional bicycle thieves: opportunists who see an unattended set of wheels will take them to sell or ride it themselves. Make sure to get a solid lock and not a cheap model that can easily be cut.

Don’t: Distract Yourself

Navigating inattentive drivers and pedestrians is hard enough when you’re on your game. If you wear a set of headphones, you might not hear a honk or a shout. Don’t even think about putting a phone to your head or trying to text if you value your safety. Live in the moment and don’t be afraid to spend a few minutes alone with your thoughts.

Don’t: Be a Jerk

Sadly, drivers and pedestrians alike hate bikers. It doesn’t matter that you’re actually reducing traffic, everybody thinks you’re in the way. Don’t make it worse by riding too close to pedestrians or antagonizing gridlocked drivers. Pass on the left when possible and give people a heads up that you’re approaching.

Don’t: Buy Stolen Bikes

Nobody is expecting you to vet each seller like a law enforcement officer but be realistic. Do you really think the guy selling premium bikes for cheap out of his apartment is just trying to avoid high storefront costs? Yes, there will always be thieves, but being smart can help you avoid getting your wheels taken away by the police.

If you are looking for a deal, go through an online store to get an outstanding bike at a superior price. Whether you want a hybrid bike for women or a road bike for men, there are tons of exceptional urban options available.