So, you’ve finally booked your tickets for abroad…

Travelling to an altogether new land, meeting new people, soaking in the foreign culture might be on your bucket list for long. And, now you’ve finally got the opportunity for it.

Excited much, aren’t you?

When travelling abroad, there are a few things that you need to consider. The overarching idea is to feel comfortable in a foreign land and stay safe. For the same, here are certain dos and don’ts you must abide by irrespective of the place you’re travelling to.

DO research the culture of the place extensively

You wouldn’t want to attract unnecessary attention or hurt the sentiments of locals out there.

So, the key is to research the culture of the place well before stepping your foot there and conform to it. For instance, the countries of the Middle East region are slightly conservative so they expect their visitors to dress modestly. And, this is the case in the Asian region too when tourists are visiting famous temples or any holy sites.

DO learn the local lingo

English is the common language of people across most tourist destinations and the signboards too read the same. However, it is best if you grasp the local lingo well before heading to your vacation. It always proves to be helpful.

A few phrases like hello, thank you, sorry, please, where’s the restroom, and others such are suggested. It is a great way to connect with locals and it shows them that you like and respect their culture and language.

DO take suggestions from the locals

There is no one better who understands the area other than the locals residing there. Hence, they will be able to give the best suggestions regarding the best areas to shop, eat, the best things to eat, and others alike. In fact, you may even come across places and things that you didn’t even know existed!

So, have a brief chat with them if you want to end up with some really cool suggestions.

DON’T skip travel insurance, ever! 

God forbid any mishappening should take place, it is wise to purchase travel insurance before travelling abroad. Unlike some health insurance policies, travel insurance covers you for both doctor or hospital visits and transporting you to the hospital if necessary. It will keep any unnecessary burden off your mind and spare you any extra dollars on your vacation in case anything unfortunate takes place.

DON’T carry only cash

Savvy travellers carry a combination of cash, traveller checks, and credit cards. Also, they don’t keep it all in one place. Instead, secure them in different pockets and bags.

Before heading to your destination, keep a tab on the currency exchange rates. Keep in mind that it varies daily depending on the place where you get your currency exchanged.

Get some amount exchanged from the reputed places nearby while get some exchanged at the airport after you reach the destination. Further, you must also consider exchanging some in a more touristy area as these places are likely to offer competitive rates for the same.

These are some basic dos and don’ts that you must be aware of before travelling abroad. Planning ahead only ensures a hassle-free, peaceful trip which makes it all the more memorable.

Alongside these guidelines, do keep in mind to check the weather of the place and pack accordingly. Do pack additional layers to keep yourself warm unless you are travelling to a tropical region where temperatures never witness a dip.

Besides, if you plan to go hiking, do carry the required tactical gear. Happy travelling!