With schools being closed for the foreseeable future and many people working from home for the next couple of weeks, it will be a packed house for families with children. We’ve compiled a list of kids brands that will help you and your little one get through this quarantine while keeping them cute and happy!

Puttisu Non-Toxic Nail Polishes


Keep your daughter entertained during her time at home with Puttisu nail polish! Puttisu features non-toxic nail color that easily peels off. Puttisu nail polishes are water-based and non-toxic. In fact, it eliminates 18 different harmful chemicals usually found in nail polish from its formula. The kid-captivating brand replaces the bad with the good using natural extract oils such as olive, argan, macadamia and moringa oils that protect, hydrate and nurture her growing nail beds.



Even though we are quarantined for the time being, this means your kids will be playing in the backyard more so they don’t go stir crazy! Get them cute, functional shoes that will make your life as well as their lives easier! Meet the most innovative-designed baby footwear that combines a sock and a shoe in an easy pull-off and pull-on design. With slip resistant bottoms, the “sock” top transforms into a rubber sole that’s safe for indoor and outdoor activity. It is breathable with each rubber sole containing tiny holes for air circulation.

Littles Skincare Butt Butter



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Don’t run out of baby essentials during this time at home. When a diaper rash becomes a pain in the bottom, make Littles Skincare’s silky-soft cream your go-to for treating it. It’s designed to give your baby gentle but effective relief from painful irritation. No petroleum, no synthetic preservatives, just all-natural ingredients, and a healing blend of Vitamins A, D & E. They not only treat irritated skin from an existing rash but help prevent future diaper rash flare-ups.