Author: Karolina Shenton

River Cruising: Regional Influences (Asia)

By Karolina Shenton Last week, we introduced you to an emerging cruise vacation choice, river cruising. Now that we’ve taken a look at Europe, let’s move on to a spectacular destination for the seasoned traveler, or anyone with a taste for the intriguing: Asia. Splendid Ship Size You already know that cruising is a fantastic way to see the world.  However, you’ve probably realized that those awesome floating cities can’t visit smaller, ‘off the beaten path’ ports.  Did you know that ocean vessels aren’t the only first-class way to cruise? The nifty thing about river cruising is the size of the ship. Usually holding 200 guests or less, these small and luxurious vessels allow you the personal space and attention you really deserve. While cruising the Yangtze in China or Mekong in Cambodia & Vietnam, you will be afforded the opportunity to join a small excursion group and delve into the Asian culture. Instead of being herded into a gallery for a frustrating activity, you may find yourself in the middle of an authentic Peking Duck Dinner with just a few other cruisers, Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City with its many Vietnam War-related sites, or in a Chinese calligraphy class receiving personal attention from an expert. In addition, your time onboard the ship will be delightful as each passenger is given the highest degree of personal service. Regionally Influenced...

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River Cruising: Regional Influences (Europe)

By Karolina Shenton Epicurean adventures. Vibrant entertainment. Exotic and unique destinations.  These are just a few reasons river cruises are becoming the most popular cruises in the industry.  But this trend is brand new and many people aren’t familiar with the perks of river cruising, so I’d like to take this opportunity to explain what a European river cruise can offer you! Connect With the Culture One of the most attractive features of river cruising are the cultures  you come in contact with, while sailing through one of the historic waterways like the Danube or the Rhine. Because the ships are so intimate, travelers are treated to stops in less crowded ports where you will find yourself transported into another culture when onshore, meeting unique people and learning about their customs. In Europe, that could mean a day trip into Tournon, Tain l’Hermitage (one of the historic ‘twin cities’ of France) for a fantastic wine tasting and walking tour. You will be delighted by the light-hearted French outlook and unbelievable wine.  In addition to observing the local culture onshore, many local performers, chefs and musicians may climb aboard to entertain you. Imagine a troupe of bold Italian vocalists performing right in front of your eyes, or a theatrical performance from some native Roman thespians.  These are just a few of the types of cultural discoveries you will make when...

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