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Meet Delaney

I have not met Mahaney. I can hardly wait to meet her. I loved her book….Meet Delaney. I am far from a young, attractive, single girl. Yet, I could identify with this delightful story from beginning to end. Warning: Do not read this book on an airplane, unless it is a private jet. After laughing my way across the country, a fellow passenger said…”I’llhave what she is reading.” Actually, I read Meet Delaney twice. The second time was with a friend. We read it together, commenting on every amusing and sad experience. When we finally glanced at the clock, it was 4:30 a.m. Do not read this book the night before an 8 a.m. meeting. Mahaney is not afraid to take on big, controversial subjects, such as dating a married man and one night stands. I read these chapters with curious trepidation. Somehow, while never passing moral judgments for others, the author was able to write about life’s personal difficulties with honesty and integrity. The chapter, “Advice – gratuitous and hard-earned,” which every woman, especially married women, would be wise to read, is worth the entire book. I recommend that this excerpt be reprinted in every national woman’s magazine. I read the part about granny pants and foul language to my son, a single man. He howled with laughter, told me that it had happened to him, and asked...

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Miracle Springs… a Diamond in the Desert

What a miraculous and delightful hideaway I discovered in the greater Palm Springs area. Miracle Springs Hotel and Spa in Desert Hot Springs was the perfect antidote to my cold and weary bones. This comfy, casual resort exceeded my expectations. The caring touch of the pristine natural waters, and the staff, had a positive effect on my body, mind and spirit. I knew that I had found that little diamond in the desert when I walked out to the 8 crystal clear, blue, natural, mineral hot springs, spas, Jacuzzi’s and pools. One pool is Olympic size and all over look spectacular snow capped mountains. All this with an unlimited supply of the resorts own award winning, cold, healthy drinking water. My accommodations were a terrific value. A mini suite with a sun-drenched terrace steps from the champagne pool…my favorite. While floating in warm bubbles I looked up to see a golden sun rise. To end the perfect day, I soaked and floated under the starry, starry sky in solitary peace… diamonds in the desert. I could have stayed reading and resting on the sunny deck or relaxed in the other 7 swimming and soaking pools all day long. However, the Miracle Springs spa was another treasure to discover. There were a variety of quality treatments by top notch therapists at value prices. I tried one and signed up for...

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Tastes – Horseradish Spread

Cooking is fun! When ever the Hill Team is lucky enough to be in Seattle, we head straight to the Pike Market. We browse, taste, watch fish fly, buy flowers and special treats. On my last visit I was lucky to meet Kathy Casey, of local and world-wide fame. I could not stay for her cooking school, but will return. Kathy autographed a favorite little recipe book called Kathy Case Cooks. Her philosophy is the same as the Hill and the Big Blend Team.”As with all aspect of life, cooking should be fun and an enjoyable art – not a daunting task.” I have incorporated Kathy’s simple spread (sampled at the market) in many dishes. Horseradish Spread Ingredients: 1/2 cup mayo (homemade or the best on the shelf) 1 tbs creamed horseradish 2 tsp grainy mustard Directions: Mix together and spread on – whatever. Great on burgers, ham, fish, prime rib, roast beef and pastrami sandwiches, you name it. Just love these simple tips from famous chefs. Remember, you can sign up for our blog posts to be delivered as they happen. We don’t share our list and you may remove your name at any time. Brenda C. HillBooks By...

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