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What Can One Do to Stop Snoring?

When snoring has made you desperate and helpless, what else can you do? Have you ever wished a genie comes to you and gives you three wishes? The first thing and perhaps the only thing you would like to wish is to get rid of your snoring. As a snorer, you may be asking yourself, “What can I do to stop my snoring? And as a spouse or bed partner, what can you do to stop snoring?

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The Best Travel Workouts You Can Do With No Equipment At All

All fitness regimes demand determination, perseverance and above all consistency. However, while traveling, it’s much harder to keep up, and more often than not we end up deserting our months and years of acquired fitness and diet routines. While skipping out on a few workout days shouldn’t be a major setback, yet wouldn’t it be great if you could continue low-maintenance training without having to pack your equipment -or your gym trainer- while you are on the go? Think about it. Breaking some sweat while you are out on the beaches of Hawaii or taking out some time to...

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Coping with a Travel Sick Child

By Brooke Whistance Travelling is one of the most exciting experiences that life has on offer but if your child suffers from travel or motion sickness, the journeys that you relish so much, would not turn out to be so enjoyable or memorable for your child and he/she might start dreading even the idea of going down the road or climbing aboard the plane. Travel sickness occurs due to the child experiencing some mild or strong form of balance disorder during which his/her inner organs send conflicting messages to the brain regarding movement and balance. As we move in bus,...

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By Brooke Whistance In the past, Athletes had generally chosen to keep a low-profile but every now and then some emerge as stars and either make it to popular talk shows or on tabloids for all the wrong reasons. We’ve all know the stories of the great athletes from the past, whether it was the glory days of Muhammad Ali or the dark and bizarre ones of OJ Simpson. These athletes were inspirations for generations that followed. Now Millennials have their own inspirational athletes that have found success despite all the obstacles that came their way. Here’s a list...

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