Author: Genie Gekas

A Pink Peppercorn with Pink Peppercorn Fish

A Pink Peppercorn? A PINK PEPPERCORN? What is a pink peppercorn and how do I use it?  Genie the Spice Goddess answers… A pink peppercorn is not a true peppercorn, but is the dried pink fruit from the pepper tree.  There are two varieties, the Brazilian pepper tree and the Peruvian pepper tree.  Since the dried fruit from both varieties is similar in size and shape to the true peppercorn, we find it in the markets as “pink peppercorn.” I like having this exciting culinary seasoning on my pantry shelf.  When adding it to Greek cuisine, I find the sweet-sharp citrusy flavor an interesting contrast to the usual heat of the green or black peppercorn.  I recommend using this spice with seafood and in light sauces where the mild taste and pretty pink color enhance the flavor and appearance.  I also like using it with fruit and in desserts, or mixed with other peppercorns for color as a ground pepper blend. The pink peppercorn itself is light and airy, almost hollow in makeup–not firm like a true peppercorn. As such, it’s easy to crush a kernel by hand.   If I do use a pepper grinder, I adjust the setting to “coarse” to off-set the peppercorn’s tendency to float instead of sink into the grinding mechanism.  I also like using the pink peppercorn whole in a dish to add a...

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