Author: Maralyn D. Hill

The World’s Best Destinations For Nature Lovers

There is no shortage of terrific destinations to explore across the world. You could spend a month in New York and London and still have only touched the surface of things to do. There’s no-one that goes on a relaxing beach destination that can’t wait to leave the soft sand and clear waters and return to their everyday life. And then what about nature? For various reasons, this is the option people choose last, but with no good reason, since it’s abundant and there’s nothing on earth that is more inspiring. Below, we take a look at some of...

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4 Hacks To Eat Like A True Emirati In The UAE

  In all honesty, people travel for the food. There’s nothing like sitting down to a delicious, traditional meal and taking in the culture. Plus, the price is pretty astounding too. The UAE has culture running throughout the heart of the country, but the Emirati people aren’t well represented. As a percentage, only 11% of the population were born in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, finding local cuisine can be tricky, especially when McDonald’s and Nando’s are around the corner.   Fear not, though, because this post is here to help. These are the four hacks to...

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Caregiver Burnout

Unlike professional caregivers such as physicians and nurses, informal caregivers, typically family members or friends, provide care to individuals with a variety of conditions including advanced age, dementia and cancer. These informal caregivers mostly come under enormous stress. They often experience negative psychological, behavioral and physiological effects on their daily lives and health. This is the untold story of the professional caregivers who have to not only cope with the pressures of a highly stressful career but also with the family commitments and managing old parents. Most of them without realizing are experiencing the condition of Caregiver burnout. Caregiver...

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Reap Advantages — New Caravans for Sale

When looking for caravans, keeping an eye out for the valuable deals is a good move. These two aspects are different, but they run parallel with each other. Also, it is essential to check the background and know various factors about caravans before purchasing them. Firstly, everything starts from the dealers. You need to find private dealers in the market who can assist you any time. Usually, spring is the right time to look for caravans as sellers offer some great deals for the buyers during this season. It is termed as dead sales zone, when sellers offer huge...

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