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Rich Samonte’s Train Ride of Life – Ah… LLL… Ah… Board

Our article today is from a college classmate. It resonated to the degree that I wanted you to share Rich’s train ride. ~MDH If you have heard Bruce Springsteen’s song, “This Train,” the lyrics of his song will help you understand my view of this inevitable ageing process we all go through. Should I get on?  Today, April 17, 2018, is my birthday and I’m not just a year older, I’ve have reached the age of 77 years, but I appear to be still on my feet and know who I am.  As some people tell me, “I have...

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Travel headphones too cool to resist

Travel could be fun, exciting and energizing task and you must have right equipment when you travel alone. If you are looking to get amazing travelling experience then you must bring the necessary gadget. In this modern world, vast numbers of the innovative gadgets are available in online which might make your travelling fabulous. A good pair of the headphone must be top of your list of the travel essentials. Finding right pair of the headphone takes research and time. The best headphone comes with amazing numbers of features which from wireless device to bluetooth and inbuilt microphones. Headphone...

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5 Most Popular Pop Korean Songs of All Time

K-Pop industry has evolved so much in past decades. It is in its third decade and it has been growing so fast. You might be a fan of Hallyu wave and love listening his latest songs but we have compiled some songs for you which remind you how outstandingly Korean pop music has been developing. This post gives a toast to the most popular songs of all time that have made K-Pop what it is today. You might find some of your favorite Korean artists on this page. Keep reading to know more about these songs. I am a...

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4 Things to Know Before You Travel to Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and there is a reason for this. With amazing buildings, fantastic local food, great waterparks and plenty of opulent shopping malls, there is something for every traveler that wants to visit this destination. Below are four of the biggest misconceptions people have before visiting Dubai. You Can’t Get Alcohol Many people think Dubai is a dry country, and although you do need an alcohol license to drink in your house, there are many licensed restaurants and bars. This is a Muslim country, and Muslims choose not to...

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