Author: Maralyn D. Hill

Horse Camps ???

I’m not up on camps. My children and grandchild are past the age. But, today I received an e-mail from Rancho Cortez. I’ve been to Rancho Cortez as a guest interested in their fitness program, which is good. I even did trail rides and tried yoga on horseback. It was a fun experience. So, I would imagine the Rancho Cortez Horse Camp would be a great experience. $675 (all-inclusive) per person for one week seems quite good. It includes meals, equestrian classes, horseback riding, grooming & tack lessons, arena games, hay rides, campfires, swimming, and movies. They are offering 8 different one-week sessions. So, if your child loves horses, this is something you might want to consider. Contact Mary Cortez: If you send someone, let me know how they enjoyed the experience....

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Adobe Grill at La Quinta Resort & Club

Chili Relano that’s the best we’ve tasted in the U.S. For Brenda and me, that is saying a lot. One of our favorite Mexican dishes, chili relano, is something we order more than frequently when we try a new Mexican restaurant. It is how we measure whether or not we go back. In addition to having a good staff, wonderful Margaritas served in oversized hand-blown glassware from Guadalajara, and a beautiful setting, the Adobe Grill at La Quinta Resort & Club in La Quinta, California exceeded our expectations. This should not have been a surprise since it is known as the best Mexican restaurant in the Coachella Valley. The Adobe Grill says they serve Authentic Regional Mexican Cuisine, and it seemed to be true. Norm selected lobster enchiladas which he thoroughly enjoyed. But, the chili relano is what topped the evening for Brenda and me. Even though our portion was large enough to split, and we should have, it was sooooo good, I imagine we might just eat an entire entree again. It was similar to what I’ve tasted in Puebla, Mexico. If you are staying at the lovely La Quinta Resort & Club, you’ve undoubtedly found the Adobe Grille. If not, when you drive into the registration area, it is on the upper level of The Plaza. The Adobe Grill is open every night and for lunch...

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Welcome 2008 with a Thinking Directions Tip

Not being big on New Year’s resolutions, I had to rethink that stand when I received a Thinking Directions Update. During 1981 while attending a week long program, I had several classes with Sid Shore. An exceptional one was learning to say What’s good about it? This has been incorporated into my daily living since then, and it has helped me turn negative situations into positives. I pride myself on being positive, but like everyone else, sometimes it is difficult. Jean Moroney’s daily practice learned from Martin Seligman is an easy and great way to help you enjoy 2008 and beyond with a positive approach. Thank you Jean, for allowing me to use your update. I plan to incorporate these into my daily routine. Welcome to the THINKING DIRECTIONS OCCASIONAL UPDATE #18by Jean Moroney TIP: 3 GOOD THINGS Here’s a dailypractice I learned from Martin Seligman, author of Learned Optimism and Authentic Happiness. Once each day, write down threegood things that happened in the last 24 hours. You can write thembefore going to bed or first thing in the morning. You can write them in ajournal or in a calendar or on a Post-it. You can include important achievementssuch as winning a contract or simple pleasures such as eating a good meal. All that matters is that you write down three such items, every day. (MDH note: If you...

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Food Catalogs Abound by Leaps and No Bounds

Catalogs, catalogs, and more catalogs abound my mail on a daily basis. Most get pitched quite rapidly. But… the food catalogs this year are outdoing themselves. During the past 25+ years, there were about 6 standards with Harry & David’s fruit standing out among them all. Now, there is no boundary and they keep improving. If the photography gets any better, maybe I’ll taste the food from the photos and eliminate the calories. Just in case you don’t get as many as I do, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. Those that don’t capture my interest get pitched right away, as I want a second, third, fourth or so look. And, in some cases, a purchase may result. The top of my list goes to Dean & Deluca, Yes, I’m partial, as I used to live a mile from one of the stores and frequented it regularly. Store, mail, or web, Dean & Deluca always meets and surpasses expectations. They cover all types of food and kitchen desires, and I enjoy especially their spices. Mackenzie Limited, appears to have some of the most succulent fish and other goodies I’ve seen. The salmon on the cover keeps me flipping back through this delightful assortment of treasures. Stonewall Kitchen, features one of the nicest assortment of home cooking and comfort food displayed in a catalog...

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To Do Lists

I noticed the “Blogger Buzz,” as it talked about the new book which is a complilation of “To do lists.” I very strongly dislike lists. I’ve learned others love them (like my husband). I accept that and even give him things to add to his list. But, he knows not to make one for me. When he makes one on the side and slips in the reminders, he is caught red-handd, always. On occassion, I’ll ask him to remind me and that is ok. Now, the worst thing of all, I occassionaly now need to make my own lists so I don’t forget. I was always willing to do timelines for business projects, but personal lists just buzz around in my head. As each year passes, it seems the lists are ganging up on me and saying, “You won’t forget if you make a list.” Sounds good, but I forget the list. However, as much as I hate to admit it, when I do make a list, even if I leave it behind, I remember what was on it. The process of writing or using the keyboard registers and stays with me. In summary, I have to say all lists are not bad. I just hope I don’t come to depend on them. Maralyn D. Hill...

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