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A Symphony of Fireworks in Cambodia

By Andrew Kolasinski After my afternoon swim off the Sihanoukville shore I was drying off and enjoying a cocktail on the beach. Lost in thought, I looked up from my stir stick to see three little faces. Thin reed-like voices urged me to see and to buy. A group of children, a pair of small brothers led by their big sister was showing me their selection of fireworks. My hesitation to buy firecrackers, Roman candles, flares, sparklers, and mini rockets didn’t disappoint the kids very much. “Too bad for you, but more for us,” said the girl. An hour...

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Mekong Whiskey for Strength and Vitality

By Andrew Kolasinski The little bottle was in an embossed cardboard box, labeled with gold foil printing. For the equivalent of only one dollar it was worth it just for the packaging. I poured out a small experimental measure and tilted it bottoms up. It went down smooth, with an intriguing fragrance and spicy afterglow. On the recommendation of my host, who called himself Mister Dee, I was sampling the local booze, generically known throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos as Mekong Whiskey. There are many brands, and national and regional variations, but the drink’s name comes from Thailand’s state...

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Cuba? Yes!

By Jody Hanson Why visit Cuba? Because it is one of the most relatively unspoiled islands in the Caribbean with friendly people, great music, bland food and low prices. After the Americans imposed a trade embargo in 1960, the island went into a kind of time-warp stuck in the 1950s. Cars have been kept running with parts from other vehicles, a bit of snare wire, and sheer mechanical determination. Coke bottles have now been recycled so many times that the name etched in the glass is smooth. While Americans have been prohibited from travelling to Cuba, other nationalities –...

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Past and Future Collide in Lima

By Hannah Vickers While Cuzco is the more popular city to explore Peru’s ancient past, the noisier, dirtier and more modern capital of the country has quite a few hidden gems. Lima’s large number of historical sacred ruins are known locally as ‘huacas’ and are strewn around the city. As the sprawling capital has grown up around these hulking reminders of its past over the years, it’s had to grow around these ancient monuments. Most of the huacas aren’t particularly preserved, apart from a fence to keep out visitors, but Huaca Pucllana, in the heart of the wealthy Miraflores...

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Chorrillos– Lima, Peru Lifestyle

By Maureen Santucci Now that visitors are spending a bit more time in Lima, they’re looking for places to branch out besides the typical tours and tourist destinations. The standard so-called “Lima City Tour” only focuses on some of the historic places in the downtown area. But with a metropolis this size, you could spend weeks visiting all there is to see. One place that is beginning to get more attention is Chorrillos. Once a seaside resort that only the wealthy could afford, Chorrillos was almost completely destroyed during the War of the Pacific and was further devastated during...

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