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February Yalta—Defeat Snatched fromThe Jaws of Victory

    When I read and study about tragic events of history, some make me angry, even enraged, while others make me just sad—plain old sad. The Yalta Conference in February, 1945 is one of my latter reactions. This conference took place in a Crimea resort in early 1945, between the three great powers aligned against Nazi Germany and Japan—Franklin Roosevelt, U.S. President, Winston Churchill, Premier of the United Kingdom and Joseph Stalin, de facto dictator of Soviet Russia. For some time, Roosevelt and Churchill had wanted a conference with Stalin to settle issues regarding the upcoming World War II victory. These Allies were sure that final surrender of Germany could not be far off. Even victory over Japan should take place sometime later in 1945. Roosevelt had only two months to live. His rapidly declining health had been carefully hidden from the American people all during the previous Fall’s election campaign. Churchill would be deposed soon after, in a surprise election upset by the Labour Party. Stalin’s tenure was assured, of course. While both Roosevelt and Churchill had to know Stalin was guilty of mass murders in the 1930s, in both Ukraine and the rest of the Soviet Union, they rationalized that his country had suffered by far the heaviest casualties from fighting Hitler’s forces. Also, when the Soviet army overwhelmed Poland and reached Germany’s borders, they felt...

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T. Cook’s & MixUP Bar Re-Launch—An Explosive Event and Cocktail Recipe

  By Norman E. Hill & Maralyn D. Hill Years ago, Gene Autry had a hit song, “In My Adobe Hacienda.” His glowing description pales in comparison to the elegant hacienda-like setting for the October reception. You felt the intimacy of a hacienda, but the décor was fresh and inviting, welcoming you to come in to relax or explore. When we arrived, we were very impressed with the setting that combined hacienda and American flavors. We went inside and started to experience a host of stations, providing different drinks and food. These were all offered throughout the MixUP Bar...

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Crudo Brunch Premiered To A Full House

By Maralyn and Norman Hill   Sunday, October 6, we had the pleasure of joining Doug MacKenzie of the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau at Crudo’s Premier Brunch. It was amazing. The variety on its menu was creative and delicious. Chef/Owner Cullen Campbell has put a magic combination to work with his dedication to Italian influenced dishes using as much fresh and made by hand as possible, or when not, from the best local producers.   Drinks were just as inspiring, with brunch libations the creation of Crudo bar mixologist/owner Micah Olson. How wise they were to partner and each focuses on what he does best.   We started with a jar of Bacon, Avocado, Tomato and Fossil Creek Chevre. Presentation in a Mason jar was casual and the flavor outstanding.   Maralyn enjoyed Dazed & Infused—Strawberry Infused Aperol, Passion Fruit, Lime juice & Sparking Wine served in a flute. It was delicious. Doug and Norm were driving—too bad for them. Norm liked the description of the Up & At ‘Em-Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Galliano Ristretto Espresso Liqueur, Cream, Egg White, Orgeat & Soda served chilled in Irish coffee mug. It brought back memories of our recent tour of the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Lexington, Ky.   Doug tried Tuscan Baked Eggs with Tomato, Bacon and Herb Crusted Toast and there was not a morsel left. He would not...

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Copper Canyon, Mexico Our Journey Though an Awesome Natural Excavation

Train journeys are high on our priority list. Visiting the Copper Canyon in Mexico was a top spot on our “someday” destination list. When we had an opportunity with the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA), we experienced this phenomenon first hand. Flying from Phoenix was relatively easy, by connecting in Hermosillo, Mexico and transferring to Los Mochis. Any concern about its small airport was unfounded, as it was modern, clean and efficient. Our Aero Mexico jet came through for both segments without any difficulty. The airline’s staff was pleasant to work with and efficient. In Los Mochis, our trip started at the lowest altitude. We had no idea it was such an industrialized city. We headed for the Hotel Santa Anita, part of the Balderrama group of hotels. All of our rooms were comfortable and provided a good nights sleep. After breakfast, Mr. Balderrama gave us a brief history lesson about Los Mochis. It was founded in 1903 by an American, Benjamin Johnson, in order to deal with sugar cane harvests. We discovered that Los Mochis was a “breadbasket” for the area. The city was located in the state of Sinaloa, which was heavily agricultural, growing large quantities of corn, tomatoes, beets and sugar. When the Balderramas realized they were hosting so many journalists who also wrote about food, they sent their corporate chef, Victor Samaniego,...

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Portland, Oregon With Limited Time

  Over two days, both of us, along with fellow journalist Michelle Winner, experienced a whirlwind tour of Portland, the state’s largest city. Portland has so much to offer that we couldn’t do justice to everything available, but we sampled enough for two exceptional days. Even though Michelle lives close by in Oregon, the three of us combined sightseeing with learning, good food and fun. We decided since we could not cover it all, we would focus on Portland’s history. We stayed at the historic downtown Benson Hotel that is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Truly, it is...

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