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How the world responds to sneezing

Who doesn’t love a good sneeze? It’s a healthy way to expel foreign particles and irritants from our airways, and boy is it satisfying. But the sneeze isn’t the only reflex action — there’s almost always a response that follows. And while the sound of a sneeze is usually the same the world over, the replies vary depending on the country and language. So how did this custom start? In ancient times, some cultures believed that sneezing was a demon exiting the body. While we’re a bit more relaxed about it these days, many of the responses remain shrouded...

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Losing Your Luggage Sucks. Losing Your Identity Is Way Worse

Wherever we may roam we rely on portable devices—laptops, smartphones and tablets—for directions, tips on restaurants and entertainment, and to stay connected to work and family. The flip-side of that freedom and flexibility is exposure to identity thieves, who can extract precious personal information from our devices by spying on our communications—or simply grabbing a gadget and plundering the data stored there. Being aware of this vulnerability and adopting prudent mobile-computing habits can go a long way to keeping your personal information safe. Here are some tips to protect your identity while you’re on the road: Password-Protect Portable Electronics Identity theft can...

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8 ways different cultures deal with cash

Whether it’s saving, spending or lending, being able to manage one’s finances is an important life skill. But not everyone does it in the same way. Many cultures think outside the box and use creative practices to achieve the same results. This beautifully illustrated guide from Budget Direct lets you in on some of the most interesting things that people around the world do with their money, in their original language, to give you an idea of how things work elsewhere. Caja de Ahorros (Panama) Between presents, meals and travel, big celebrations like Christmas can be expensive for families. To make...

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You’ve Survived the Move . . . Now What?

By Julie Etter The house hunting is done, the boxes are all in, and you are in your new home! All is perfect, right?  It will be, but may not be just yet!  In reality, the next chapter has just begun, and you want to write it carefully. Settling into your new house can be an exciting experience, but don’t overlook the necessary steps to make it “HOME.”  Here are a few quick steps to making that house a home to ensure everyone is on board with setting up the space to best accommodate your family. Let the children...

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10 of the Most Memorable Cars From the Movies

Car leasing company OSV have created an infographic detailing the 10 most memorable cars to have graced the silver screen in the last 50 years. From Steve McQueen’s Mustang GT390 in Bullitt to Vin Diesel’s Dodge Charger from The Fast and The Furious, these are mean machines that really stand out from the crowd. 1964 Goldfinger was one of the biggest films of the year but Sean Connery wasn’t necessarily the biggest star in the movie. His 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage became an instant film classic, setting the standard for Bond cars right up to the present day....

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