Genie Gekas
Genie J. Gekas, aka Genie the Spice Goddess, does her lineage proud by sharing her culinary tradition with the world. Born into a Greek family in Tucson, Arizona, she learned to cook while standing on a stool in her parents’ 5-star restaurant with its European and Greek cuisine. Growing up, Genie the Spice Goddess loved the Sunday dinners in her home, with at least 15 people sitting down to a weekly feast or holiday celebration. Always experimenting with new flavors and dishes, Genie the Spice Goddess created Greek Village Market so she could share her family’s Greek cooking traditions with you and yours. Although she learned the “pinch of this and a pinch of that” approach to seasoning, she’s scrupulous in the measurements for her packaged seasonings, so you’ll always enjoy the best of Genie the Spice Goddess. Watch for her latest book, Greek Recipes and Remembrances by the Spice Goddess.
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