I’m trying hard to finish an article on Charlotte. But, there is so much to say. We we moved there in 1991, there were few good spots to eat. Now, it is a mecca for wonderful selections of all types. In fairness, they have always had wonderful barbecue. But, now, they have gourmet to go with it.

One of my favorite chefs, Mark Hibbs, has his own restaurant, Radcliffe on the Green, and it is well worth visiting. Mark has such a passion for food. Plus, he features food from the Carolinas.

Even though the food scene has exploded, the city is in a constant state of new and wonderful activities. While visiting in June, I did the extremes from hot laps at Lowe’s Motor Speedway with the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. attraction, to white water rafting at the park designed for Olympic training.

If you find yourself going to Charlotte, or near, be sure to allow time to explore the city. Old and new are well worth your time.

Maralyn Hill