All three of the Hill Team took part in a media trip sponsored by the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA)to Southern Oregon. What a trip! We have so many stories, it will take many months to write them all. We visited numerous wineries and tasted an incredible amount of fine wines and were delighted at the offerings. We will feature stories and recipes from the restaurateurs and chefs who were willing to share with us. The good news (even if bad for the waist) is we were able to taste it all. After all, someone had to do it (and we were delighted it was us).

Our first story is about Nibbley’s Cafe in Klamath Falls. Nibbley’s is home of the famous Oatcakes. Having tasted them for breakfast, we can see why they are famous. Debbie Caldwell and her staff do a phenomenal job.

When you walk into Nibbley’s, you are in a warm, friendly atmosphere. As you enter the dining area, you pass wonderful pastry cases filled with treats that are difficult to pass up. Walls are adorned with a collection of quilts that tell many stories which Debbie is happy to share.

How difficult is it to order breakfast? In this case, it was incredibly difficult. There were so many choices, it was a challenge to select. Our group ordered a variety: Corn Beef Hash, homemade corn beef tossed with bell peppers, onions and country potatoes, served with two eggs and toast; Breakfast Burrito, bell peppers, onions, potatoes, sausage, bacon, ham and eggs scrambled inside a warm tortilla, jack and cheddar cheese and salsa on top with guacamole and sour cream; Mexican Scramble, corn tortilla strips, eggs, green chilies and onions scrambled with melted jack cheese, topped with sour cream and salsa and served with fruit; and of course, Nibbley’s Hearty Oatcakes with a touch of cinnamon. Our breakfast fare barely scratches the surface of what Nibbley’s has to offer on its menu. Prices are reasonable and the value is tremendous.

Debbie was nice enough to share a recipe for her Chocolate Mint Squares.

Chocolate Mint Squares (Brownies)

2 cups margarine
8 ounces baking chocolate
8 eggs
1 tsp. peppermint extract
4 cups sugar
2 cups flour
2 cups chopped walnuts

Melt chocolate and margarine in microwave until melted, stirring occasionally.
Mix together eggs, extract and sugar.
Add flour then beat in melted chocolate mixture.
Fold in chopped nuts.
Divide mixture evenly, between two well greased non-handle 9 x 14″ baking pans.
Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Cool.

2 cups margarine
4 teaspoons peppermint extract
12 cups powdered sugar
Milk to make easy to spread

Cream margarine and powdered sugar, add extract and enough milk to make spreading smooth and easy.
Spread evenly over brownie cake in the two pans.

Chocolate Glaze
4 tablespoons butter
4 ounces baking chocolate

Melt together in microwave, stirring until the mixture has a smooth consistency. Pour onto mint texture and tilt pan until chocolate is evenly spread.
Enough for two pans.

Chill thoroughly before cutting into squares. Nibbly’s are 4 x 5 but you can cut them any size. When cutting bars, dipping knife in hot water often works well.

If you’re in Klamath Falls, be sure to check out Nibbley’s at 2650 Washburn Way, #120,Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601, phone 541 883 2314. By the way, its Oatcake mix is so popular, you can purchase and take it with you.

Let us know how you enjoy your brownies. Brenda and I will have more for you soon.

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