In the Summer 2008 issue of Flavor and the Menu Magazine it calls coconut the “forgotten fruit.”

The Hill Team shares a love of coconut, especially in that luscious first sip of a pina colada (little, paper, umbrellas and all) on the rare occasions that we are hanging around some ocean beach or pool deck

Yet coconut is often overlooked as a partner in fruit and cream desserts such as panna cotta.

Here is the tried and true Jimmy Buffet beach cocktail:

Pina Colada

1 ½ oz light rum, however the Hill Teams prefers amber for color and kick!
2 oz Cream of coconut mix, we like Coco Lopez
2 oz pineapple juice, like Dole’s or fresh
1 cup or so of crushed ice or cubes

Blend all together on high in the blender.
Pour into a tall glass.
Garnish …some use a cherry, we like big chunk of pineapple, and perhaps a paper umbrella.

Brenda C. Hill
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