It is a cool, blustery day in December. I want something to eat that is warm and comforting, like a rich stew of buttery poulet de Bresse from my last visit to Lyon in the l970s.

Maralyn and I are off to food heaven next month with bells on our toes. Lyon, France, is the birthplace of traditional French cuisine. The city of Lyon, native chef, Paul Bocuse and French Master chef Herve Laurent are our hosts for the famous Bocuse d’Or.

Maralyn and I wrote Our Love Affairs with Food and Travel about Paul Bocuse, the leader of the Novelle Cuisine movement and Herve as well as 90 other chefs from around the world. Then the Hill Team and Herve published Herve’s Cooking Secrets… The Why and How together.

Now,all of their hard work has led them to a trip of a lifetime.

Chef Bocuse’s most famous recipe is black-truffle soup in pastry named for former French Presisent Valery Giscard d’Estaing.

One of Paul Bocuse’s most remembered quotes is “Food and sex have much in common. We consummate a union, devour a lover with our eyes, hunger for one another.”

We are eagerly looking forward to our upcoming French journey – a trip of a lifetime.

Brenda C. Hill
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