Maralyn and I, The Tandem Tasters, just returned from eating and drinking our way around Lyon, France.

We also honed our food judging skills with a private lesson in the art of food judging with French Master Chef, Herve Laurent (You can see our interview on video on our pot of 2-8-09). After a hard day of tastes, we longed for one light and refreshing cocktail – the Kir Royale.

Kir Royale


2/3 glass of sparkling wine or champagne

4-5 drops of creme de cassis (Kir)


  • Fill 2/3 of champagne flute glass with cold, sparkling wine or champagne.
  • Add four to five drops of crème de cassis (Kir) for taste and brilliant red color.
  • Sip slowly and dream of Paris. Voila!

Our next drink falls in the “healthy” category and is easy. This sports drink was passed on to Dr. Paul Donahue, who recommends it for those who work out. That would be Maralyn and Norm, not me.

Sports Drink


7 ounces of cold water

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 tablespoon sugar (Maralyn would use a pinch of Stevia)

Pinch of salt


  • Get an 8 ounce glass and add lemon juice, sugar and salt
  • Fill with cold water.
  • Drink and be energized.

Early March, we are off to Oregon to judge chocolate at the Oregon Chocolate Festival. How rough is that?

Brenda C. Hill
International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association

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