Love Month warrants a Secret Love Potent Cocktail.

This is my own drink “of the house.”

Maralyn and I have been tasting and writing Fall and Winter hearty comfort food recipe’s and hot toddy drinks since our Thanksgiving Turkey video in August. Still winter, I am ready for cruise cocktails.

Even Maralyn, more of a Kir Royal champagne and wine lover, likes this one when she arrives in Florida or the Bahamas.

This fruity rum, early Spring and Summer refresher is a result of extensive research. I willingly experimented with many Caribbean concoctions before perfecting my favorite fruits and rum “welcome to the beach drink.”

The best part, besides the taste and after-glow, is that all ingredients can be substituted for availability and taste.

The other positive is how pretty it looks, like a sunrise or sunset, depending on how you portion out the orange fruit with the red cranberry, dark rums or amber. Somehow, it all works.

Basically, because I live in the tropics, I have various rums and fruit juices on hand. As always, fresh is best, but the cans and cartons of juices work well, especially if you add an extra splash of rum.

Make a pitcher of these proportions, or a punch bowl if it is a party.

Secret Love Potent Cocktail
2 parts pineapple juice or/ and
2 parts orange juice
2 parts grapefruit
2 parts cranberry

Now, depending on the above amount, add more or less:
2 parts of rum for each juice.
2 parts coconut rum
2 parts passion fruit rum
2 parts pineapple rum or melon, if using pineapple juice or just any white, amber or dark rum of choice.

Serve over ice in a tall glass with a sprig of mint, cherry, orange, lemon, or lime slice, even a paper umbrella for fun!

Welcome to early Spring!

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Brenda C. Hill
Books By Hills