Fish with Soul

Sole with Grapes

I have always loved the simple, yet elegant French dish of Sole “Veronique.” I believe that August Escoffier, the master French chef, named it honor of the opera ,Veronique.

My version is very easy. I especially love this dish in the spring and summer with a light, white wine.

About a pound of a fresh fillet of sole

sea salt and fresh ground white or black pepper
6 teaspoons of butter (I use sweet, unsalted).
1/2 cup white wine (The Hill team prefers Sauvignon Blanc).
about 24 – 34 white seedless grapes (some of the French chefs peel theirs, not us).


Dust sole with flour.
Heat butter in pan, before it is brown gently saute fillet on both sides until golden brown.
Season with salt and pepper and move to a heated platter.
Add grapes and wine to pan juices and heat.
This takes only a few minutes for flaky, moist sole.
Garnish with grapes leaves and/or more grapes.
Serves two or three.

We like this white fish with grape tomatoes and sauteed baby spinach for vibrant color.
If you want a heartier entree, also serve rice pilaf or plain potatoes.
Best with a French or California chilled Sauvignon Blanc.