The Hill Team always seems to be on the go–especially me. I’m frequently asked why I don’t slow down. My reasoning is I want to squeeze as many travel and cultural experiences in my life as possible. I say I was born to travel and tell the tale and strongly  believe it to be true. The destination, culture, food, wine, and experience is exhilarating. Do I get tired  or worn out? Certainly.

My rejuvenation  of  my body, mind, and spirit is escaping to a spa retreat somewhere. I know Brenda feels the same way. Norm is able to recharge at home easily. I am energized by being somewhere with no responsibility except my own needs.

This long introduction is to introduce you to Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers. I’m so excited that I was able to find a time slot that I could experience its 5-day program. In November, I’m going to be attending a relaxing 5 day wellness program where I’ll take part in juice fasting and body detox. This program has been developed and designed for people like me and I’m excited to try it.

Fresh Start has packed as much of their 10 day program into these 5 day offerings.  They say, “This is a high impact, concentrated and life hanging program where you get to relax, detox, recharge your batteries and feel awesome at the end of it.”

After my upcoming September and October schedule, this is perfect for me.

There are walks, yoga, spa services and healthy nourishment.

I have to call to go over my medical history so they can have the right combination of therapy for me.  I’ll be reporting in after I experience it. I may let you know ahead of time, what else I find out.

However, I can’t think of a lovelier setting that Vancouver Island with an ocean view room. Stay tuned for more information on Fresh Start.

Toll free: 888.658.3324

International: 250.923.6399

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