Valrhona is one of the VIP sponsors of Bocuse d’Or and the official partner of the World Pasty Cup that is part of Sirha. Its booth is beautiful, tasty and always crowded.

I going to quote their descriptions of the flavor wheel.

The Les Grands Crus Explains Wheel

Tanariva 33% A delectable milk chocolate offering soft and succulent milky carmely savours. Light colors with bronze nuances, very typical. Pure Madagascar. 33% cocoa.

Jivara 40% is persistently flavourd milk chocolate. Its distinctive flavor both mild nand chocolaty, unveils notes of carmel and vanilla enhanced with a touch of malt and 40% cocoa.

Tainori 64% Pure yellow fruit flavors give way to fresh, tangy citrus overtones, progressively yielding to delicate yet long-lasting cocoa and hot bread aromas. Pure Dominican Republic. 64% cocoa.

Manjari 64% Heavenly acidulous red fruit and dried fruit and dried-fruit hints. Pure Madagascar. 64% cocoa.

Caraibe 66% Its opulent and soft melody unveils subtle almond and roasted coffee flavors. 66% cocoa.

Guanaja 70%. It deveops an astonishing bitterness revealing an aromatic range of warm notes. 70% cocoa.

Alpaco 66%. The subtleness of floral aromas exquisitely melting into supremely intense chocolaty notes. Pure Equator. 66% cocoa.

Abinao 85%. A highly sophisticated dark chocolate. Its empowering and intense aroma emphasizes a specific bitterness and exceptional long-lasting flavors.  85% cocoa.

Florence Pujol of Valrhona says, “The story of Valrhona could be resumed in a few words. ‘A quest for excellence.’ Yet it is a long story of taste that the men and women who work for Valrhona have been writing since the company’s creation in 1922; a passion for exceptional taste, cultivated right from the source, applied through exacting standards, confirmed through delectable creations and perpetuated through a strategy of total quality.

“A historic partnership for professionals in the world of taste, including restauranteurs, patissiers, caterers, confectioners, ice-cream makers and bakers, developed to help them fully express their expertise through a range of professional products and exclusive services.”